6 Essentials for a Perfect Day at Disneyland

You’ve been planning your trip to Disneyland for months, and you can’t wait to catch your flight and get there. The excitement will go to a whole new level when you board a private car service that will take you from SNA to Disneyland, but here’s the problem: it’s easy to forget to pack essential items, especially if you haven’t traveled to Anaheim before. 

You’ve come to the right place to keep this from happening. We’ll list the 6 most important things to bring to Disneyland and ensure a pleasant trip. Read on! 

What should I take to Disneyland with me?

What should I take to Disneyland with me

You and your kids will have the time of your life when you make it to Disneyland, especially if you hire a private car service that will take you to your destination quickly and safely. You’ll also have a lot of fun near the theme park, but only if you pack these items to help keep you comfortable throughout your Anaheim adventure: 

1. Phone battery pack 

Your smartphone will be your best friend in Disneyland, as you’ll use it to take pictures, store park tickets, and check ride schedules. All these drain your battery, which is why you’ll need a battery pack. 

2. Camera 

Most high-end smartphones have top-quality cameras that are good enough for your standard Disneyland visit. However, if the one on your device is prone to malfunctioning, or you have a premium camera, be sure to put it in your backpack. 

While you’re there, a spare battery and memory card for your camera won’t hurt either. You’ll be able to take more high-resolution photos without worrying about limited space or low power. 

3. Water bottle 

The Anaheim sun isn’t too kind to Disneyland visitors, even if you go to the park on a relatively cold day. So, don’t forget a water bottle for each group member to keep everyone hydrated and fresh for all the rides. 

4. Sunscreen 

Sunscreen is just as important as hydration, but many visitors fail to bring it to their journey. The good news is that you can find sunscreen at pretty much any convenience store near Disneyland. 

5. Hand sanitizer 

Disneyland is chock-full of high-contact areas, increasing the risk of catching a bug. A good way to stay healthy after the trip is to sanitize your hands frequently, so be sure to add your favorite sanitizer to your packing list. If you don’t prefer standard sanitizers, switch to disinfectant wipes. 

6. Quarters and pennies 

Chances are, you’ll need to pay for some Disneyland rides with quarters or pennies. Therefore, stop by your bank’s ATM to replenish your supply. 

Need a private car service? We’ll take you from SNA to Disneyland in no time!

Need a private car service We’ll take you from SNA to Disneyland

Packing these 6 essentials is crucial, but choosing the right way to go from SNA to Disneyland is even more important. You want someone who’s fast, reliable, professional, and keeps you comfortable from start to finish. 

That someone is Stay Classy LAX. Give us a call, and we’ll dispatch a premium vehicle to pick you up at the airport and take you to the iconic theme park at your convenience. Go to our website, choose the pick-up time, and let our expert drivers handle the rest. 

The best part? You can customize nearly any aspect of the service, such as the route. Whether you want us to use the quickest one or take you to some of the most popular landmarks on the way, like the Anaheim GardenWalk, just say the word, and we’ll make it happen. Schedule the finest transportation in LA today!

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