3 Fun-Filled Activities for Kids Around Disneyland

Whether you’re just stopping by Disneyland or want to spend hours in this iconic park, you’ll have a lot to talk about on your way home. That’s especially true if you hire a private car service that will take you from Disneyland to SNA at your convenience, but did you know that Disneyland isn’t the only great spot for kids in Anaheim? 

There are a bunch of other fun activities for your little ones to enjoy, and we’ll list them right here. Keep reading for the 3 best things to do with your kids in Anaheim, besides Disneyland! 

What is the best age for kids to enjoy Disneyland? 

What is the best age for kids to enjoy Disneyland

The best age for children to enjoy Disneyland is usually 4-12 years old. That said, this is a must-see theme park for all generations, not just kids. Toddlers, teenagers, and adults alike have a great time here due to all the available attractions: 

  • Alice in Wonderland 
  • Ancient Sanctum 
  • Animation Academy 
  • Autopia
  • Character Dining

What else can you do with kids in Anaheim?

Disneyland is just one of many awe-inspiring tourist attractions in Anaheim where you can enjoy a pleasant day with your kids (as long as you pack a few basic items to keep you comfortable, of course). Once your journey in this theme park is over, you can try these 3 activities to give your children an unforgettable trip:

1. Rollercoaster rides at Adventure City 

If you’re looking for a less crowded alternative to Disneyland, Adventure City is the perfect choice. It’s a relatively small theme park and one of Anaheim’s hidden gems for families with young kids. There are nearly 20 rides, including 2 roller coasters that will give your little ones the action they’ve been craving. 

On top of that, Adventure Park is home to the famous City Express Train. Hop on, and you’ll enjoy the most amazing sightseeing tour. 

2. Relax at Anaheim Garden Walk 

Your kids may have had an energy spike at Disneyland, but even they get tired from time to time. When they finally decide to take a break from all the action, be sure to check out Anaheim Garden Walk. It’s the ideal place where you can relax after coaster rides and other adrenaline-packed activities at the theme park. 

This place has everything you need for a relaxing family adventure, such as restaurants, movie theaters, and bowling alleys. There’s even a mini shopping mall where you can buy sleek clothes and memorabilia. 

3. Watch a baseball game at Angel Stadium 

If your kids are baseball fans, give them a taste of the MLB frenzy at Angel Stadium. Throughout baseball season, this stadium hosts exciting games that will keep you and your children on the edge of your seats. Plus, you can buy souvenirs to make your friends back home even more envious of your adventure.

What private car service can take me from Disneyland to SNA quickly & safely? 

What else can you do with kids in Anaheim

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