5 Must-See Spots on Your Journey to Disneyland

Any journey to Disneyland is like a dream come true, especially for your young ones. The place is teeming with iconic characters and captivating scenery that will leave your children wanting more. So, you’ll definitely have a lot to reminisce about when you board your black car service when traveling back from Disneyland to SNA.

But that’s not all: did you know that there are also countless jaw-dropping spots near Disneyland? Visiting them will be the best prelude to your stay in the park, and we’ll list those places right here. Keep reading for the 5 must-see attractions to check out on your way to Disneyland!

What are the top attractions near Disneyland? 

You’re guaranteed to enjoy your stay in Disneyland (if you come to the theme park prepared, of course). However, if you want to make the most of your adventure, be sure to stop by these 5 places on the way there:

What are the top attractions near Disneyland

1. Oak Canyon Nature Center

Located in the heart of Anaheim, the Oak Canyon Nature Center is chock-full of lush vegetation and fresh air. The 58-acre area is home to trails of varying lengths and complexities, allowing you to test your skills and get a proper workout before your tour of Disneyland.

2. The Discovery Cube

Originally established as the Discovery Science Center, the Discovery Cube is a museum that features over 100 science exhibits per year. Each exhibit is tailored for children, as it piques their natural curiosity with age-appropriate content. As such, it’s perfect if you want to provide your kids with a stunning learning experience before visiting the legendary park.

3. Santa Ana Zoo

Santa Ana Zoo is one of the most famous zoos in California. It’s similar to museums, as it’s organized in different exhibits. Amazon’s Edge might be the most popular exhibit, replicating a breathtaking region of the South American rainforest. It consists of forested riverbanks, cliffs, and wooden decks that let you take a closer look at majestic black-necked swans and howler monkeys.

4. Heritage Museum of Orange County

If you’re up for some time travel to the 1890s and want to admire the history of Orange County, the Heritage Museum is the right choice. It preserves the tradition of this area with floral gardens, citrus groves, and many other natural sights that are a staple of this heavenly county.

5. Huntington State Beach

When traveling to Disneyland, why not take a slight detour and visit the awe-inspiring Huntington State Beach? It’s the go-to spot for swimmers, sunbathers, and fishermen alike due to high year-round temperatures. Plus, there are basketball courts, volleyball courts, and fire rings for evening bonfires.

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