Tips for a Smooth Trip to Disneyland

You’ve decided to take your kids on an unforgettable adventure to Disneyland. The magical, fairy-tale design of this place alone is enough to give them the time of their life, but what if you want to take the experience to a whole new level? You can do just that by choosing the right transportation method.

And no, we’re not talking about taxis and public transit. Instead, you should hire a black car service to take you and your little ones from SNA to Disneyland. Read on to discover what makes this service so amazing and many other tips to enhance your trip to Disneyland.

What is the easiest way to get around Disneyland?

Take the following 5 tips to ensure a smooth journey to Disneyland: 

1. Schedule a black car service provider

What is the easiest way to get around Disneyland

The easiest way to get around Disneyland is to schedule a private transportation provider. Here’s why: 

  • It’s super-comfortable: The main reason you should schedule a black car service for your trip to Disneyland is that it gives you access to state-of-the-art, eco-friendly vehicles
  • It’s customizable: Another great thing about the service is that it’s customizable. Some of the elements you can customize include the pick-up/drop-off points and the route. For instance, You can tell your driver if you want the shortest or the most scenic route dotted with many impressive places to see on your way to Disneyland, like Anaheim Plaza.
  • It’s convenient: You’ll also enjoy the privacy of black car services. Unlike public buses and taxis, these don’t require you to share a vehicle with strangers. Instead, you get the whole ride for yourself, allowing you to travel to Disneyland without worrying about others.

2. Don’t forget to keep your phone charged

Your smartphone will be your best friend when navigating Disneyland, especially if you plan on using the Disneyland and Genie+ apps. Therefore, keep the device charged and use any portable chargers or outlets to prevent the phone from dying. In case you forget your charger at home, you can always buy one at the park. 

3. Wear comfy clothes 

Taking stunning pictures might be one of your priorities, which is why you might be tempted to wear elegant but not-so-comfortable clothes. Before you put on your garments, bear in mind you’ll be wearing them for hours in hot weather. That’s why it might be better to switch to breathable fabrics. 

4. Check height restrictions for various rides 

Some Disneyland rides are too dangerous if your kids aren’t tall enough. As a result, don’t promise you’ll take them before you check the height restrictions to prevent a great deal of disappointment. 

5. Take breaks 

Many first-time goers want to see the entire Disneyland at once. While that’s possible, it can be exhausting, so consider splitting your adventure into 2-3 mini-visits. When you finish the first round, return to your hotel or have lunch at one of the countless nearby restaurants. It’ll give you a much-needed escapade from all the commotion and keep you fresh throughout the trip. 

What’s the best black car service that drives from SNA to Disneyland

What’s the best black car service that drives from SNA to Disneyland? 

Once you make it to Disneyland, your kids will never want to leave due to all the fun activities they can enjoy here, especially if you pack a few key items for your journey. But more importantly, you need to partner with a reliable black car provider. 

Look no further than Stay Classy LAX. With over a decade in the business, we know what it takes to deliver the safest and most comfortable ride available. Whether you’re traveling to or from Disneyland, our high-end vehicles and professional drivers won’t let you down. Book today, and we’ll give you stress-free transport.

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