Essentials to Pack for San Diego

If you’re headed for San Diego, besides hiring private shuttle service from LAX to San Diego, you should also pack the following essentials.

Flip Flops

Maybe not the most comfortable of footwear, but nonetheless essential for San Diego summers. But, you already get plenty of comfort with private shuttle service from LAX to San Diego, so you can allow yourself to look like the natives.

In fact, many residents of San Diego claim they wear flip flops not just in summer, but year round. A great way to blend in, while also looking casual, completely in tone with the relaxed atmosphere of the city.

Summer travel items - Shuttle service from LAX to San Diego


Never mind the season, sunscreen is always an item to bring. When you visit a city new to you, you want to soak in as much as you can, in the available timeframe.

And the best experience comes from either walking around many interesting destinations San Diego has to offer, or cycling around the city, if that’s your thing.

In order to avoid nasty burns, always have sunscreen with you. Protect yourself from the rays, and make your stay as enjoyable as possible.


And not just any sunglasses – UV-protected ones. San Diego is a city of sunshine, one of many on the West Coast.

So, if it is your desire to spend your days at the beach, or walking the many hiking tracks the surrounding areas of San Diego have to offer, protect your eyes.

Not only will you eliminate the ocean-glare and the sun-glare, but you will also look rather stylish as you strut about wearing a pair of Aviators or those classic Wayfarers. Useful and cool.

Packed for Summer Vacation - Shuttle service from LAX to San Diego


Not a winter one though, as there is little need for thicker jackets in the San Diego area. Unless you plan on visiting mountains near the city during winter, in which case yeah, pack a winter parka.

However, even in summer, the nights do get a bit nippy, as the ocean sends a chilly breeze into the city. Even in July and August, nights get so cool, you start wishing for a light jacket or a warm sweatshirt. So, be prepared, pack ahead.


It’s beginning to sound as though you are packing for a winter retreat, with jackets and layerable clothing, and not a city with 270 days of sunshine. But, depending on your planned sightseeing routine, chances are you’ll need layers.

If you plan on leaving your accommodation in the morning, before the warmth starts to really kick in, you will need to be dressed a tad more. Then, as the temperature begins to increase, peel the layers. After sunset, put the layers back on one by one, and enjoy the breeze.


You definitely need something to put all the layers and the rest of the gear in. A daypack is the most practical way of having everything you might need on hand.

Pack a water bottle, as it is important to stay hydrated as you see the sights. Also, throw in a travel towel and a swimsuit, as well as picnic blanket and a pocket kite for Balboa Park. Trust us on this one, kiting in the park is excellent fun, and picnic is a great way to have a rest.

Family Having Picnic

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