How & Where to Spend Quality Time in San Diego

There are so many phenomenal activities to enjoy in San Diego, it is difficult to list them all. Pop into private San Diego airport transportation service, head into the city, and explore some of the following.

Surfers Watch Oceanside California Sunset

By the ocean

Winter it may be, but that should in no way stop you enjoying your time near the ocean. For one, winter months offer spectacular sunsets over the Pacific Ocean. You can visit Torrey pines State Natural Reserve for that classic, oceanside sunset.

If you want to indulge in classic winter activities, but still be close to the beaches, try ice skating at Hotel Del Coronado. Skating is so winter; but this time, do it with a twist.

Finally, if you’re feeling adventurous, you can go gray whale watching in Point Loma. It is from December until March that these majestic mammals make their migration to warm-water breeding grounds, and they pass by Point Loma every year. Don’t miss your window.

Gaslamp Quarter

Brace yourself for a trip through space and time. This 16-block Victorian adventure is a must for every history buff. There is a lot to do if you’re not one as well. The Gaslamp quarter hosts many events, such as annual Mardi Gras events. Take a stroll through the Victorian architecture, and visit the art galleries, boutiques, and much more.

Christmas Decorations Old Town San Diego

The Old Town

If you’ve liked the Gaslamp Quarter, you’ll love Old Town. Continuing on the path of history, this location offers an insight into the San Diego of the past. You can really get into the atmosphere and experience how things used to function in the days of yore. See the blacksmith shop, the Estudillo House, Seeley stables, or the oldest schoolhouse in the city. You are going to refuse to come back to the present.

Sporty opportunities

If you like to stay active during your trips, fret not, as San Diego offers many opportunities. You can go jogging or biking along the Mission Bay Park’s trails. There are even workout courses at select locations, along the scenic route through shade and sunlight. Gorgeous.

Chula Vista Elite Athlete Training Center

If you’re a true sports enthusiast, don’t miss the Chula Vista Elite Athlete Training Center, which used to be a training center for the Olympic athletes. You can get a free tour, and perhaps even work out on some of the machines.

An unforgettable drive

If you enjoy exploring by car, San Diego is the place for you. Take a one-hour scenic drive up to Mt. Laguna. You will not be disappointed. And it doesn’t stop with the drive. Park your car, head for a walk, and breathe in the fresh, pine-scented air.

The birds

Brown Pelican Perched on the Cliffs in La Jolla CA

We know that there are many bird watching lovers among frequent travelers, and San Diego is bird watchers’ heaven. There are so many wetland reserves to choose from – Tijuana Estuary, Famosa Slough, Sweetwater Marsh… There are also over 500 bird species that either migrate through San Diego area in spring and fall, or call San Diego their home. Take your binoculars and put on your khakis, you will not regret it.

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