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Spreckels Organ Pavilion Balboa Park San Diego - Luxury Car Service San Diego

We all know about Central Park. But, Balboa Park in San Diego is actually bigger. You can imagine then how much there is to see and do in it. You can hire a luxury car service San Diego to take you there in style, then enjoy the green spaces, history, and culture.

Spreckels Organ Pavilion

Perhaps the most majestic attraction in Balboa Park, and a lot more than just another pavilion. This is an imposing outdoor pipe organ, one of the biggest in the world, with an astounding 4,518 pipes. And it’s not just for show, as there is a civic organist who plays concerts free for the public on Sunday afternoons. Don’t miss it, book a private luxury car service San Diego, and be there in time for the show.

The fountain

Nobody comes to Balboa Park without seeing Bea Evenson Fountain, although few people actually know the name. It’s not as though you can miss it either, as it is huge. Kids playing it is also a regular sight, so nobody will frown upon you dipping a toe during hot summer days. Even without actually feeling the water, it is still a beautiful place to unwind and cool down.

Bea Evenson Fountain Balboa park - Luxury Car Service San Diego


Ah, yes, museums, and a lot of them. They range from famous institutions such as the San Diego Natural History Museum, to those that are a tad more obscure. It is these hidden gems that you should look into. For example, the San Diego Model Railroad Museum, where you can see the scale model of the park, and even control the streetcars. Or the Mingei International Museum, with extremely cool folk art exhibits. Choose wisely.

Archery range

This location is a bit out of sight, but it is well worth it. Bring your bow and arrow, and practice for just 2$. There are many targets at the range, so it is unlikely you will encounter a line. It is located in the woods, so there is plenty of shade and privacy. Also, there are many hiking trails that go through the woods, so you can have a rest from the shooting and explore the beautiful scenery.

Japanese Friendship Garden Balboa Park

Friendship garden

A touch of the East for a break from history and culture. As soon as you step through the gates, you will feel transported to Japan. Beautiful paths take you along the traditionally arranged surroundings, with old Japanese buildings to behold. As you walk, you can listen to the sound of water streaming down the rocks. So serene and peaceful. And, if you take a luxury car service San Diego there in the morning, chances are you will avoid the crowds.

Botanical building

A lath structure so beautiful on the outside, you can hardly resist to take a peek inside. The space is really compact, and you can complete your tour in about 15 minutes. The greenery is amazing, and, depending on the season, the array of colors changes. After taking it all in, relax outside by the koi pond or Lily Pond, looking at those playful ducks. Wonderful, isn’t it?

Botanical Building Balboa Park - Luxury Car Service San Diego

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