How to Spend Your Winter in LA

Downtown Los Angeles Sunset Skyline

If you’re one of the people who like their winter holidays cozy and pleasant, call a car service San Diego to Los Angeles and spend your winter here. There’s plenty to do!

Visit the beaches

We start off with the big one – relaxing on the beach in winter. And who says you have to go to Hawaii or the Maldives to do so. Just imagine an almost empty beach, no tourists around to break the spell, sipping a cocktail. If it sounds good to you, jump into an exclusive car service San Diego to Los Angeles and you’ll be here in a jiffy.

Hike if you feel like it

Some people like their holidays with a bit of activity. Los Angeles, especially its surrounding areas, provide the perfect backdrop for a hiking holiday. The scenery is nothing short of spectacular, and the temperatures are ideal for hiking. The clear skies just top it all off, letting you experience the farthest reaches. Just be mindful of the fleeting daylight, as temperature does tend to drop a bit after the Sun goes down.

Bicycles on Venice Beach, Los Angeles - Car Service San Diego to Los Angeles

Deserted Disneyland

Not completely, but almost. If you are keen on post-apocalyptic setting, and you just wouldn’t want to visit Pripyat just yet, go to Disneyland on a winter weekday. No lines, no crowds, and no noise. It all feels a tad more magical when you can really soak in everything Disneyland has to offer, in peace and quiet of a crisp winter’s day. Just make sure to pack accordingly and dress comfortably, as a lot of walking is going to be involved.

Experience Chinese New Year

This is really something you should experience. An end of January New Year celebration, completely different than anything else in the world. And so close to you, just a car service San Diego to Los Angeles drive away. Parades, dragons, paper lanterns, and much more to see and do. And if you’re an avid foodie, you’ll get your plateful here. You can try some of the best noodles, ramen, or dim sum during these festivities. Just don’t overdo it.

Chinese Dragon during Golden Dragon Parade Los Angeles

Frosty activities

If the sunshine and the warm temperatures begin to bore you, a touch of frost is never far away in Los Angeles. If you want some cold the easy way, visit some of the ice rinks scattered around the city. Even if you don’t know how to skate, it’s great fun learning a new activity. And skating is the most holiday activity ever. If you miss the snow, just find a vehicle and head for the mountains, it’s only a two hour drive to Big Bear or Mountain High. Or visit the Mt. Baldy ski lift, and escape into the snow. Who doesn’t like a good snowball fight?

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