Tipping an Airport Car Service: The Etiquette

Hiring a car service from SNA allows you to enjoy a comfortable, safe, and quick ride while using the extra time on your hands the way you find most useful. However, when the time comes to leave the vehicle at your destination, how much should you tip an airport car service, exactly? When it comes to the car service etiquette, here are a few things you should know.

What does shuttle service mean?

How much to tip car service to airport?

The question concerning tipping a car service is one of the most commonly asked, along with what an airport shuttle service represents, whether it is simple to get an airport ride, and how much an airport car service costs in general. Although this aspect may differ from one service provider to another, it is usually considered that 20% is a standard tip for your driver. If you are especially pleased with the service, feel free to increase the amount and show the chauffeur your appreciation.

As it’s not uncommon for businesspeople to prefer traveling light and, for safety reasons, with little to no cash, the finest car service providers often offer a prepaid gratuity option. Car service providers usually specify that prepaid gratuity will be returned to the client in case the ride did not meet their expectations in any way. They do this to ensure the customers are always fully satisfied with every aspect of the service.

What are Limo and Sedan service etiquette tips I should know?

A car service is there to provide you with a classy, reliable vehicle and an experienced chauffeur ready to meet your demands. However, to make sure that everything goes well and according to plan, there are several etiquette tips you should follow.

  1. Entering and exiting a vehicle. To make sure you’ve entered and exited a vehicle properly and elegantly, wait for your chauffeur to open the door for you. When entering, fill the first available seat, and slowly move over if you’re expecting more passengers. When exiting the vehicle, it is an unwritten rule to let the last person who entered the vehicle leave it first upon reaching a destination.
  2. Choosing the appropriate spot. When a party that hired a car service for corporate purposes enters the vehicle, the most important seat, located in the back and facing front, is to be reserved for the highest-ranked individual in the group. The seat facing back, accordingly, should be occupied by a junior staff member.
  3. A classy ride calls for a classy behavior. While inside a vehicle, stay polite and respectful of both your party and your chauffeur. As all of you have the same goal – reaching the destination comfortably and in style – it is only reasonable that every person in the vehicle does their part, and stays civilized during the ride.

How to find the best airport car service in Orange County?

Finding the stellar airport car service in OC is not a difficult task, just make sure to follow these guidelines in the process:

  1. Opt for a service provider who uses modern technology to efficiently monitor traffic and incoming and outgoing flights;
  2. Safety comes first: Choose a company that offers a fleet of well-maintained vehicles and hires well-behaved, experienced, tested chauffeurs;
  3. Pick a car service that respects every customer, rewarding the loyal ones with discounts and complimentary rides.
Should I hire a car service when traveling?

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