Alcohol & Concert Travel: All You Need to Know

Few experiences are as fun as attending the performance of your favorite singer or group. Not only is the concert itself often an unforgettable experience, many concert-goers love to start drinking and partying even before they show up to the venue. 

But what if your concert venue is located outside Los Angeles, CA, and you and your friends need to book a charter bus service to and from concerts to get there? Are you allowed to consume alcohol during your trip? If so, what’s the best drink for the occasion? 

In the following article, we’ll provide answers to these questions by explaining what California law says about drinking on charter buses and provide some tips on how to choose the right beverage for this sort of trip. Read on!

Can you drink alcohol on a charter bus in California? 

The mode of transport you’ve chosen is famous for several reasons. For instance, you get to enjoy the ultimate comfort and safety, thanks to the cutting-edge designs of these vehicles. That’s why this is the best way to go to the performance, whether you attend the event on your own or in a group.

As for alcohol consumption, we have good news. Most (if not all) allow their passengers to drink alcoholic beverages inside the vehicle. The only requirement is to bring your ID or any other document that proves you can legally drink in the state.

Which drink is good while traveling?

Chances are, a reputable provider will let you choose from a variety of drinks. If not, here are some of the best beverages you can bring to your adventure: 

Vodka with a soda 

Vodka tends to be overpowering when drunk straight. Thankfully, you can take the edge off the bitterness with various sodas. Whether you opt for a standard or carbonated beverage, it’ll make the drink taste much better. Pineapple and orange juice are especially popular due to their ability to sweeten things up.


You can never go wrong with good old beer. But what should you do on a hot summer day? Does this mean beer is off-limits? The answer is a resounding no. First-class charter vehicles have built-in refrigerators to ensure your beer remains cold at all times.

Red wine 

If you want to relax before the show, you’ll hardly find a better option than red wine. As long as you don’t go overboard, you can even reap some health benefits from this beverage. A few ingredients can contribute to reducing inflammation, blood clots, and other conditions. High-quality products also taste amazing, giving you the best of both worlds. 

Vodka martini 

There are many low-calorie alcoholic drinks, but vodka martini reigns supreme in many people’s eyes. Whether it features vermouth or gin, it’ll also come with a wedge of lemon or olive for a fancier shot. 


Dark drinks have a bad reputation due to their high-calorie content, but rum is an exception. It has fewer calories than other dark beverages and tastes amazing, especially when paired with diet coke. 

Where in Los Angeles, CA, can I book a reliable charter bus service to and from concerts?

The ability to drink is just one factor that makes private buses the best way to travel to your performance. Whether your destination is Kia Forum or any other LA venue, a few cocktails or beers will spruce up the experience. 

But that’s not all you get with your arrangement, especially if you schedule Stay Classy LAX. Let us take you to and from the show, and we’ll make sure you have the time of your life. Our vehicles have modern amenities to provide a stunning ride, including TVs and top-quality surround sound. All you need to do is dial our number or visit our website. Book our trained professionals, and you’ll get the finest, safest transportation in California.

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