What Is an Airport Shuttle Service and Do I Need It?

should i hire a car service when travelingAre you looking forward to your long-distance trip? Remember that a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. Whether you travel for business or pleasure, reaching an airport is usually a big hassle, and you simply must be there safely and on time. In case you are wondering what airport shuttle is, how it works, and why is Orange County airport car service the recommended choice for the first portion of your travel, here is all you need to know before you make your decision.

What does shuttle service mean?

Airport shuttle is a vehicle that transports people to and from an airport. Reaching this destination during a rush hour can be quite a nerve-wracking experience, so many travelers opt for airport shuttle services provided by the best transportation companies.

These services are typically easy to book, safe, comfortable, and a passenger gets to choose a vehicle model from the available fleet. Airport shuttle as a mean of transportation is steadily becoming more and more popular by the day, which comes as no surprise, as it is a more reliable option than a taxi or public transportation.

How does airport shuttle work?

Are you wondering how to get an airport ride? Depending on your preferred method of scheduling, an airport shuttle can commonly be booked via reservations page, by phone, by email, or, if it’s available, via website chatbox. You can choose a shuttle service to an airport or from it, and depending on your needs, the driver gets to pick you up on a location that is agreed upon beforehand.

Should I hire a car service when traveling?

Once you are packed and ready to leave for an airport, there are several options you can turn to when it comes to transportation: your own vehicle, a taxi, or a professional car service. An airport shuttle service is the common choice of many travelers, and here are the reasons why.

Car service, or your own car?

Unlike driving in your own vehicle, professional car service allows you to reach an airport with your hands and mind completely free. Whether you want to use that time to relax, make a few phone calls, or prepare for a business meeting, the time is yours to make the best of it. Putting that time to good use is definitely a perk, as it would be otherwise gone without being productively used.

what to ask when hiring an airport car service in orange county

There is one other thing. Trying to navigate through the city during a rush hour gets especially frustrating when you are worried if you will reach an airport on time. According to the statistics from 2016, when it comes to US automobile registrations, the state of California reached #1 spot among all other US states. Taking this data into consideration, it’s easy to understand why traffic jams are such a common occurrence in every big city.

With a professional car service chauffeur, rush hours and traffic jams are no longer a concern. These driving experts are skilled and experienced, knowing the city as their own pockets.

Why is a car service better than a taxi?

If you opt for calling for a taxi once you are out of your home, it all comes down to pure luck. Will a vehicle be available to pick you up right away? What condition will it be in, and how will the driver behave? Will you reach an airport on time? The last but not least, you can never be absolutely sure about the cost of your drive until you have reached your destination.

Choosing a car service means that the pickup is already booked, so you won’t have to stand outside, surrounded by your suitcases, until an available vehicle arrives by chance. A driver will be there on time, help you with your luggage, and your journey can begin.

What to ask when hiring an airport car service in Orange County?

If you are considering hiring a car service to or from an airport, make sure to approach this matter thoroughly. You should choose the best transportation company, which values your time, safety, and commodity. Here are several questions you should always ask when choosing a car service:

    1. Which areas do you service? Your chosen transportation service should cover a wide area, servicing most of the airports in a broader neighborhood.
    1. What happens if my flight gets delayed? A good car service company will never charge extra in case of flight delays. Preferably, the company should be able to track outgoing and incoming flights, always staying up to date with the airport time table.
    1. Are the vehicles in your fleet clean, comfortable and safe? This is a non-negotiable question, as these three aspects are the most important one in choosing the right transportation service. Their vehicles must be regularly maintained, serviced, and extremely comfortable.
    1. What type of additional safety commodities do you offer? Preferably, a company of your choice will provide certain commodities such as child safety seats. What’s a safe ride for you should definitely be so for your children, too.
    1. How do you pick your drivers? A distinguishable car service company will only pick the carefully vetted, experienced chauffeurs, who will at all times look professional, friendly, and ready to assist.
  1. Do you have a loyalty program? A loyal customer reward is a good sign of a dependable car service prover, so make sure to inquire about this aspect as well.

The finest Orange County airport car service is ready to pick you up

When you choose safety, comfort, reliability and class, you know you cannot go wrong. Stay Classy Transportation is a #1 provider of stellar car service to airport in Orange County, highly endorsed by loyal, satisfied customers, and highly ranked on Google, Yelp, and Trip Advisor. Your journey begins with a safe drive to the airport, and we are here to make it happen – in style.

Take a relaxing walk down the Crystal Cove State Park, and prepare for a trip you are looking forward to. We will be proud to make the first step of the way a memorable experience for you. Are you wondering how much an airport car service costs, or how to tip an airport car service chauffeur? Contact us today, and get answers to all your questions.

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