Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Private Town Car

It is always best to be informed before opting for a private town car service San Diego airport to wait for you upon landing, or take you there in time for your flight. Here are some questions you should always ask.

Am I being chauffeured or driven?

You might be quick to judge that there is no difference, but the difference is quite substantial indeed. Some may argue that it is, essentially, transportation from one point to the other. However, the manner in which you arrive is important too. Chauffeurs are not only trained in driving. They are trained to dress, speak, and behave properly. Not every town car service San Diego airport provides such an experience.

Chauffeur in Car - Town Car Service San Diego Airport

What is the billing procedure like?

It is important to know exactly how you will be charged for the services rendered. The entire process needs to be as streamlined and as efficient as possible. Your bill should never contain any surprises, and it should always be similar to the quoted amount. The billing procedure is in tight correlation with the next question.

What are your pricing rates like?

In order for the company to be able to provide an accurate estimate, the pricing system needs to be all inclusive. What does it mean? Well, it means that you will not be additionally charged for airport taxes or fuel. Also, you would perhaps like to know how you are being charged, i.e. by the hour, or by the distance traveled.

What are the vehicles in your fleet?

This doesn’t just have to do with style. Yes, it is much more luxurious if you hire a Mercedes S-Class instead of a Fiat Bravo. But, there is a more important purpose to this question – safety. By asking about the age of the cars in the fleet, you are making sure the car is, indeed, safe. The mileage is also an important factor, together with the usage time of every vehicle. 5 years of single-vehicle usage is a maximum with professional town car service San Diego airport vehicles.

What is your cancellation policy?

You simply need to know this. Nobody would cancel deliberately, but there are times when it cannot be avoided. Every professional company has established Change and Cancellation Policies. One must always be prepared for any circumstance, as our lives are often busier than we’d want them to be. Companies will penalize you for overdue cancellations or changes, but they still need to be flexible enough and put you first.

Are you in step with the times?

In these modern times, when all of us have Androids or iOS-es, the transportation company of your choice should also be in tune with the trends. Booking and managing your trips online is a great feature, and every serious town car service company should be able to facilitate these conveniences. Also, paying online has also become an everyday occurrence, so ask about that as well.

Paying online - Town Car Service San Diego airport

The best town car service San Diego airport

Stay Classy Professional Town Car Service ticks all of the above boxes, and then some. We have professional chauffeurs, new cars in our fleet, and are modern in every way. What’s more, we always put the customer first. Don’t waste any time contacting us.

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