5 Tips on How to Survive Summer Weather in Arizona

Arizona is a beautiful state with numerous attractions, but it can get very hot and dry during summer. Being ready for the heat and using a dependable town car service is key in order to make your trip to Tempe and other Arizona cities as comfortable as possible.

In the following article, we’ve prepared 5 time-tested tips on how to increase your heat tolerance while traveling through the Grand Canyon State. Continue reading and find some useful information regarding this.

How do I prepare for the AZ heat?

We all know there are great reasons to visit Arizona this summer, but it’s also important to know how to deal with the hot days that await you:

1. Stay hydrated

The water you usually drink to remain hydrated won’t be enough for this type of weather. Drink greater amounts of water and don’t forget that you run today on what you drank yesterday. In order to cool off, you’ll sweat a lot more than your body is used to so make sure to bring water wherever you go.

2. Avoid the midday sun

This is when the sun’s at its highest point and the heat’s the strongest. Plan your activities so that you do them before or after this period. It’s better to stay indoors, or at least in the shade of a tree or a building. Avoid repeatedly going from a heated to cool area in a short time. If you want to entertain yourself, choose indoor attractions and activities.

3. Be vary of heat exhaustion                                                                              How do I prepare for the AZ heat

Although it’s important to raise your core temperature in order to acclimate, it’s also essential to find ways to cool your body off. Whether it’s drinking water, taking a shower, swimming, or pouring a water bottle down your back, it’ll help you cool your body down. Learn to recognize the signs of heat exhaustion and a stroke.

4. Prep your vehicle

Prepare your car for driving in the hot weather. Stock it with frozen water or add a cooler, and avoid plastic and metal since it’ll burn you. Keep your tank as full as you can so you don’t have to stop because of it. Regularly check your vehicle’s operating conditions and the air conditioning system.

5. Pay attention to sunbathing and clothing

Avoid sunbathing at noon or for a long period of time. You should apply sunscreen often and in several layers. For best results use both cream and spray with a high UV protection rating. Cover your head and face with a cap or a hat, and wear light coloured clothes.

How long does it take to acclimate to Arizona heat?

Preparing for the hot weather is a process that lasts around two weeks and in which your body should get used to cooling off more efficiently. To see how you deal with heat you should go out for 30 minutes and increase the number from day to day. Staying outside will also help you raise your core temperature and acclimate accordingly.

Who offers an expert town car service around Tempe & the surrounding areas?

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