Your Guide to Tempe: Things to See & Do Around the City

What is there to do in Tempe for free

If you are planning to request a car service from Phoenix to Gilbert, you wouldn’t want to miss out on the things Tempe offers. This beautiful city has more attractions than you might expect so it’s definitely worth discovering. From art festivals and butterfly conservatories to nightclubs and escape rooms – there is something for everyone in this city.

If you want to find out what places and activities this city offers, read on.

What is Tempe, AZ known for?

This city is rich in attractions that will keep you entertained and make you want to visit it again:

Arizona Heritage Center

Is there a better way to meet the city, country, and culture than through its history? This is the perfect place for you if you want to get familiar with the story of Phoenix. This is Arizona’s oldest historical agency that keeps records of this city’s past events and offers meeting venues, library, museum, and archives.

Arizona Mills

This is the state’s largest shopping outlet rich in shops, brands, services and discounts. You and your loved ones can choose between more than 150 shops or enjoy various entertainment and restaurant options at this location.

Arizona State University (Tempe Campus)

Founded in 1885, this place is a historic campus focused on discovery and innovation. If you need a more learning environment visit the main campus of Arizona State University. For art lovers The ASU Art Museum boasts one of the best art collections in the United States.

What is there to do in Tempe for free?

You can find many budget-friendly options in Tempe, but there are lots of free enjoyments, too:

  • Tempe History Museum: Offers free admission and four thematic areas – College Town, Building Our Community, Living Together and Surviving in the Desert
  • Arizona State University Art Museum: Admission is free. This place boasts Latin American artwork, with the focus on Cuban art
  • Tempe Town Lake: You can take a walk, ride a bike, or run while enjoying the second most visited Arizona’s public attraction. This is an especially good option if you are spending summer in Arizona.
  • Kiwanis Park: It features playgrounds and a lake to explore or relax by. This is a good place to spend some free time in Arizona.
  • Hayden Butte Preserve: If you are a history and hiking lover – this is a perfect place for you.
  • Papago Park: Take a hike or a bike ride through this scenic desert area.
  • Desert Arboretum Park: Visit this botanical park to sit and enjoy the wildlife and desert flora.

Is Tempe a walkable city?

Tempe is one of the most walkable cities in Arizona. If you don’t like to use this city’s public transport you can stroll down Mill Avenue and other walking trails. Along Mill Avenue you can find lots of local amenities close to each other. If you don’t have access to a car, Tempe is an excellent option. It offers a friendly neighborhood and walking distance to grocery stores, pharmacies, parks, etc. Moreover, there is an ongoing urban planning initiative to build a car-free neighborhood with zero residential parking – Culdesac Tempe.

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What is Tempe, AZ known for

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