How to Get Around Tempe

How far is Tempe from the airport

If you are traveling through Arizona or if you’re staying in Arizona for summer, you might want to visit Tempe and reap the benefits it has to offer. It is both a walkable and well connected city rich in entertainment and attractions to survive Arizona summers more easily.

Read on to find out information about Tempe’s public and private transportation and the distance between Sky Harbor Airport and Tempe.

How far is Tempe from the airport?

If you are planning to fly and you live in Tempe, you might want to find out the road distance between these two points.

The distance from Tempe to the Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport (PHX) is 4.01 miles. If you drive, these two locations are 10 minutes apart, while if you are using a tram it will take you approximately 34 minutes to get to the airport. This is because there is no direct train and there will be transfers. Train services from Phoenix Airport to Tempe depart from 44th St/Washington station and are operated by Valley Metro.

How do you get around Tempe?

This easily accessible city offers various ways of getting around:

By foot

Tempe is a walkable city, thanks to Mill Avenue that offers many close proximity options. Many city’s attractions are accessible even if you don’t own a car, for example Tempe Town Lake or ASU Art Museum.


Tempe is located 4 miles from Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport and connected by train services and private transportation. This airport connects over 100 domestic destinations and 25 international ones.

Bike and scooter rentals

With 215 miles of bike paths this city offers great biking options. Bike trails and options for mountain biking make this city very accessible via bike. In addition to this, there are stand up and sit down scooter rental options.


These services are provided by Uber, Lyft and several other companies. Ridesharing is also an option. These transportation options people choose when they want a more private ride.

Is there public transportation in Tempe AZ?

The answer is yes:


Valley Metro Bus offers year round services and a trip planner for routes, prices, and schedules. ORBIT Tempe is a free neighborhood bus system This circulator has 6 routes that are named after planets and consists of buses that mainly operate on smaller streets. There is another neighborhood circulator, the FLASH. It is meant to connect Downtown Tempe to Arizona State University’s Tempe Campus.


One of the options is Valley Metro Rail. It offers 9 station stops, and maps and schedules to plan your travel thoroughly. The Light Rail has two Downtown Tempe stops – at 3rd Street and Mill Avenue and another at the Transportation Center.


Tempe streetcar is an efficient public transportation option with 14 stops and 3 miles long route. The streetcar arrives every 15-20 minutes seven days a week.

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