Time to Spare? Visit the Best Restaurants in San Diego

Whether you’re travelling to San Diego on business or for pleasure, you will want to look at the sights, but you will also have to eat and unwind. So, pack smart, hire a town car service San Diego, and visit the following food places.

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Born & Raised

A bit on the pricy side, this new addition to the San Diego restaurant scene is certainly worth the extra buck.

If meat is your game, this is your place. In-house aged prime cuts, amazing cocktails to complement the food, and a unique atmosphere to cap it all off. Just be sure to use town car service San Diego if you down one too many of those cocktails.

Menya Ultra

This is the best ramen place in San Diego. Almost no need to say more. But, just to be completely clear – this is an outpost of a highly popular chain from Japan, and the first one in the US.

The trick to the amazing ramen served here is that absolutely everything is freshly made in-house. Be prepared to wait in line though, as there is always one in front of this jewel of a restaurant.

Blind Lady Ale House

Situated in Normal Heights, often abbreviated to BLAH, this is a combination of a pizza restaurant and a beer bar. The favorite things of many people.

It’s also a fine place for vegetarians, families with children, and locals. No matter what you’re in the mood for, you can find it here – from simple margheritas to truffle oil and caramelized onion combos.

The Crack Shack

An extremely successful concept, set in Little Italy, is a place where chicken rules. So, if you the one for casual eats, this is the place for you.

Fried chicken with scratch-made sauces, egg and chicken sandwiches, coupled with desserts and cocktails in an outdoor setting. Simple and perfect.

Juniper & Ivy

The spot to go in San Diego if experimental cuisine is something you dream about. This is where the top culinary talent in San Diego comes together to create some of the most stunning dishes available.

The best from the menu includes a cheap buttermilk biscuit with some smoked butter, and the “In-N-Haute” burger – a special blend of brisket, short rib, and chuck, mixed together with beef fat.


Probably the best place for authentic, Isaan-style Thai food in San Diego. Even the former, cramped space was always filled with people happy to be there. Now, with a larger location, the entire dining experience is a lot more enjoyable.

The best strategy for going to this restaurant is to go with a couple of friends or with your family. That way, you will get a taste of a variety of dishes. And, whatever you do, don’t miss out on the panang curry! Just be careful with the spices.

Wrench & Rodent Seabasstropub

The best sushi in San Diego, and among the best in the world. The secret is that every seafood dish is prepared from the fish freshly caught by the local fishermen.

The dishes to try are plant-based sushi rolls, mahi mahi made from black garlic, on ping Himalayan salt, and shishito pepper “poutine”, served with duck gravy. Just be sure to hire a private town car service San Diego, as the drive to the Oceanside is long, and best to avoid travel scams on those longer rides.

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