4 Benefits of Booking a Sprinter Van Charter Service

When you ask your friends to recommend the best way to explore the city, they’ll probably recommend your car. After all, it gives you complete freedom over your route, so it’s hard to think there’s a better alternative. 

Although a car adventure can be fantastic, it pales in comparison to a trustworthy Los Angeles, CA, Sprinter van charter service. It gives you access to a luxury vehicle that can fit over a dozen people, making for an unforgettable experience. There’s a lot more to this arrangement, so keep reading. We’ll list the 4 main reasons you should book Sprinter van charter services!

Why do people use Sprinter vans?

Here’s what you can gain from a top-quality Sprinter charter arrangement: 

1. Amazing group experience 

Why do people use Sprinter vans

Is your friend’s or loved one’s birthday around the corner? Are you looking to surprise them with a legendary party? Sprinter charter services are the answer. Once you make the arrangement, you’ll be able to take most (if not all) of your squad on the journey. Think about it — what better way to celebrate the occasion than to travel in a luxury vehicle? With professional drivers conquering the road, there won’t be a worry on your mind.

2. Customizability 

Charter provides are flexible, which means you can schedule an event of your dreams with just a phone call. Get in touch with your representative, and you’ll be able to voice any concerns you may have with the journey and make requests. Some of the elements you can customize include:

  • Starting point 
  • Destination 
  • Route 
  • Landmarks you wish to visit along the way 
  • Number of passengers 
  • Pickup date and time 

3. Special features 

There isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution when it comes to these services. You can make all sorts of tweaks to ensure a memorable journey. For instance, you can rent vehicles with special features. Some models have bathrooms and TVs to elevate your experience and help you travel comfortably. Others can have fridges, booths, and drinks, all of which contribute to a mesmerizing trip.

4. Unmatched safety 

No matter how experienced you are, driving a Sprinter can be dangerous if you’re not used to this kind of vehicle. Thankfully, you won’t have to, now that charter services are readily available. One of the most attractive features of your plan is that trained commercial drivers are in charge of your vehicle.

They’re well versed in how these vans tend to behave on different kinds of roads, allowing them to react appropriately and avoid crashes. The moment you meet your driver, you’ll see they’re all about professionalism and safety. 

Another thing that makes these charter services safe is the built-in components of Sprinter vans. Here are some of the highlights: 

  • Attention assist — This technology helps the driver focus on the road. 
  • Blind spot assistance — Equipped with advanced radar sensors, Sprinters can detect incoming vehicles in blind spots and alert the driver on time. 
  • Active brake assistance — Like blind spot assistance, active brake help warns the driver of potential risks and brakes on their behalf.

Where can you book the best Los Angeles, CA, Sprinter van charter service? 

Where can you book the best Los Angeles, CA, Sprinter van charter service

There’s no other way around it — Sprinter van charter services are the best way to take a tour of the city. That’s especially true if you hire Stay Classy LAX. We offer superb Sprinter vans for your ultimate comfort and peace of mind. 

So, don’t postpone your visit to Universal Studios Hollywood and the rest of Los Angeles a second longer. Just give us a call and schedule your travel in our safe, high-performance rides. Our representatives can also provide more information about these convenient vehicles to dispel any concerns you may have. Book your transport today!

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