Why Calabasas Attracts Celebrities

While Calabasas has been a quiet suburban area for many years, the development of exclusive communities and new homes has drawn a lot of celebrities, including professional athletes and other notable people. However, the city has kept its peaceful traits despite becoming home to so many public figures.

If you’re visiting this famous city, make sure you check out some of the best private companies in Calabasas that offer reliable car service, so you can safely get to LAX or anywhere else nearby. Take a comfortable tour around the area and discover why celebrities choose to live here. Read on and find out why. 

Is all of Calabasas gated?

Calabasas generally isn’t gated, but there are some gated communities in the city. These are usually neighborhoods with luxury houses and most of them feature a lot of amenities so the residents seldom need to leave the gates. Guarded entrances and 24h street surveillance also contribute to the exclusivity of these areas.. 

Some of the popular gated communities include Bellagio, Creekside, Claridge, The Colony, Hidden Hills, Mountain Park, The Oaks, and The Ridge. 

Why do celebrities live in Calabasas?

Being an isolated and sequestered area, Calabasas is a real safe haven for celebrities who are tired of paparazzi chasing and bustling streets of Westside and Downtown LA. This is a place where they can have the privacy and peace they need and where they can enjoy their life in huge mansions and large lots while still being minutes away from luxury restaurants and shopping. 

The gated communities offer a rural‐like experience providing enough space as well as access to the wonderful nature in the mountains, but also a sense of security. Many of the gated areas are also staffed by private guards. 

Some of the many celebrities who live or have recently lived here are Miley Cyrus, Drake, Justin Bieber, Katie Holmes, Tommy Lee, Jessica Simpson, Selena Gomez, the Kardashians, and the list goes on. 

Can you see celebrity homes in Calabasas?

Some yes and some no. In fact, gated communities are off limits unless you’re on a residents list. As a tourist, you can’t reach any of the houses that are within these secluded areas. 

However, a lot of celebrities live in public areas as well and in this case, it’s perfectly legal to drive by, slow down, and even park by and take pictures. Just be careful not to go too far and enter the property or you’ll earn yourself a hefty fine for trespassing. This means staying not only outside of gates or fences but also off lawns. 

On the whole, it’s better to stay in your car and remain subtle and courteous rather than wander around other people’s private property and unintentionally violate their privacy. 

What is the best place in Calabasas to hire a reliable car service that can take me to LAX

What is the best place in Calabasas to hire a reliable car service that can take me to LAX?

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