Encinitas Travel Guide: When to Visit and Where to Stay

Encinitas, which means “Little Oaks” in Spanish, is a gorgeous seaside city in California that sits at the shores of the Pacific Ocean. Located 25 miles north of San Diego and 95 miles south of Los Angeles, Encinitas is famous for its gorgeous beaches and vibrant surfing community. Its downtown districts are filled with great restaurants, galleries, and shops.

And yes, visiting Encinitas is still very much worth it even during the coronavirus crisis. In order to help our fellow Americans have a safe and stylish trip to Encinitas, we’ve written a short guide that answers some common questions people have about visiting “Little Oaks” in 2021.

Just remember to keep yourself safe during your trip by taking the necessary precautions and using a San Diego Airport car service to Encinitas to avoid coming into contact with strangers who may be infected with COVID-19. Keep reading to learn more.

Where should I stay when visiting Encinitas?

As a beachside town that boasts numerous tourist attractions and the distinction of being named one of the best surf communities in the world, Encinitas has many great hotels, motels, inns, and other lodgings to offer.

Here are 3 highly rated ones:

  • Inn at Moonlight Beach is located just a couple blocks from the Coaster train station. As its name implies, it’s within easy walking distance of the Moonlight Beach. It features an onsite biodynamic garden, serves healthy meals, and is the first WELL-certified hotel in the world.
  • Surfhouse is a beachfront hotel that fully embraces surfing in all its forms. It’s located just a block away from Beacon’s Beach, and offers surfing lessons, gear rentals, and personalized guided experiences. Its 8 rooms are all named after famous local surf breaks and furnished with local art.
  • Leucadia Beach Inn. Built in 1920 and designed to look like a hacienda, this inn features a flowery courtyard and is located within quick walking distance from many of Encinitas’ finest beaches. It’s extremely dog-friendly, and will even supply guests with dog bowls, food, snacks, beds, and other pet amenities.

Needless to say, with COVID-19 still being a major threat to our collective health, the particular rules at these hotels may change at any given time. The most reliable way to get up-to-date information is to give your hotel of choice a call and ask them directly.

What is the best time of year to go to Encinitas?

The optimal times to visit San Diego County are March through May and September through November. That being said, temperatures in Encinitas feel very enjoyable all year round. Rain and snow are extremely rare.

If you’re looking for the absolute hottest time to go to Encinitas, by far the warmest month is August, followed by September, and then July. The hottest period usually occurs during late August and early September.

During this time, the temperatures regularly reach nearly 80 degrees fahrenheit, while nocturnal temperatures rarely dip below 67.2 degrees.

What is the best time of year to go to EncinitasWhere can I book a dependable San Diego Airport car service to Encinitas?

Avoiding contact with strangers and dirty surfaces can be difficult while traveling, which can be a serious problem during the coronavirus epidemic. To protect your health and make your trip less tiring, it’s highly advised that you drive your own vehicle or use a private car service.

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