How to Reach Beverly Hills from the Surrounding Airports

If you’re heading to Los Angeles and want to stay in one of its prettiest neighborhoods, you definitely want to plan your trip ahead and have everything go smoothly. A big task on your checklist is the trip itself and choosing the options that fit you best. Since Los Angeles is home to five airports, you’ll need to pick the one that’s most convenient for you. 

Your route from Beverly Hills to LAX and the other way round may seem convenient with all the airport transportation such as private cars and public means. However, if you’d like to get more information about the ways from all the other spots to fly into, read on. 

How to get to Beverly Hills from 5 nearby airports?

How to Reach Beverly Hills from the Surrounding Airports

Depending on your needs, you might be interested in finding the closest airport to your destination or the one that offers the best service. In any case, knowing that managing the Los Angeles traffic takes some pretty good tactical as well as technical skills, you’ll certainly want to explore all the possible ways you can take to reach your location and pick the one that’s right for you.

The Los Angeles airport

Speaking about distance, Los Angeles is definitely closest to Beverly Hills. You can take the shuttle and arrive in about 17 minutes, or you can go for bus Line 3 and transfer to either 720 or Line 4. The first option takes about 1h 40m while the latter takes almost 2h. If you decide to opt for a car, the drive will be about 15 minutes. 


Burbank is just a little farther away from your final destination. You can choose the combination of railway, subway, and bus 720 which takes about 1h 10m. You can also go for bus Line 94 and then transfer either to Line 20 – approximately 2h in total, or to Line 4 which totals 2h 20m. Finally, a car drive will last about 17 minutes. 

Santa Ana

If you decide to land at Santa Ana, the best option is to take bus Line 400, but you’ll need to transfer to the train, subway, and finally Line 720 – the total is about three and a half hours. There is also a shuttle which can get you there in about 55 minutes, and the car which takes approximately the same time. 

Long Beach

The bus line that can take you from Long Beach to your place in the shortest time, which is 1h 45m, is Line 405 with a transfer to Line 2. You can also take the shuttle or a car and get there in about 35 minutes. 


The farthest one is Ontario, and you can get there in 2 hours and 50 minutes if you take Line 61, transfer to Silver Streak, then to the subway, and finally to Line 20. However, if you choose to drive, it will take you about 55 minutes.

If I want to go from Beverly Hills to LAX, what is the best car company that offers reliable airport transportation?

If I want to go from Beverly Hills to LAX, what is the best car company that offers reliable airport transportation

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