A Visitor’s Guide to Irvine: Part 1

Located in the beautiful Orange County, Irvine offers its visitors outdoor recreation, amazing beaches, family-friendly activities, versatile dining, and shopping. What’s more, it has been deemed the Safest Big City of America, which makes it perfect for tourists of all genders, interests and generations.

If you’re coming to visit this lovely place, it’s easy to hire a reliable car service to get you from the SNA Airport to Irvine, CA, so that you can start your Southern California experience with a comfy ride through the area. Check out this comprehensive guide on how to make the best of your visit

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What is Irvine famous for?

The vicinity of famous attractions makes the city popular around the world, but there’s a lot to see within Irvine proper. Take a look at these 5 things to enjoy while here:

Pretend City Children’s Museum

This magical museum is actually an interactive city where children can experience the life of grown-ups. They can pretend they’re going to work, visiting the doctor, buying groceries, and even collecting pay from an ATM. If you’re bringing your little ones with you, this is a place they’ll definitely love to see.

Orange County Zoo

Whether you’re an animal lover, or you have kids who can’t wait to see a real animal before their eyes, the zoo is the place to visit. It’s home to both plants and animals native to this part of the US, and it includes a barnyard with domestic sheep, pot-bellied pigs, goats, and more. 

San Joaquin Marsh and Wildlife Sanctuary

If you’re a nature lover, then San Joaquin Marsh and Wildlife Sanctuary is a place you have to visit. It comprises over 300 acres of coastal wetlands and 12 miles of trails where you can walk, jog, and observe birds. It’s also an oasis for teachers and students, being home to over 200 bird species.

Irvine Barclay theater

This amazing state-of-the-art venue features superb acoustics, as well as intimate atmosphere. With a packed schedule of different performances by renowned artists, it’s a real source of joy and inspiration for music and dance lovers. Make sure you check their website for upcoming performances and book on time to secure your spot and enjoy.

Historic Irvine

While the city itself has a rather short history of a little over 50 years, the region’s history dates back to 1878. This was the year when James Irvine acquired this area and created the Irvine Ranch that stretched from Santa Ana River all the way to the Pacific Ocean.

At the Irvine Ranch Historic Park, visitors can see quite a few original facilities such as James Irvine’s home and other numerous residential buildings and barns.

In Old Town Irvine, you can stay at La Quinta – the hotel where rooms for the guests used to be silos for grain and lima beans, and the shed that includes the original lift now serves as the hotel’s breakfast area. You can also see a picture display with a brief history of Old Town Irvine. 

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