A Visitor’s Guide to Irvine: Part 2

Irvine has become popular over the last few decades due to its beautiful parks, great schools, and various outdoor activities, but also to its vicinity to other cities including Los Angeles and San Diego. It’s a place that offers many benefits and opportunities to both those who reside there and those visiting for pleasure or business.

When you want to travel comfortably around this area, consider opting for a dependable car service to take you to different parts of Irvine, CA, as well as to SNA Airport which is only a couple of miles away. Take a look at the best places to visit here and enjoy your ride.

What is good about Irvine, CA?

A lot of amazing attractions and notable places have made this area famous. Here are some of the most popular activities and things to see:

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Adventure Playground

If your kids love getting creative, the Adventure Playground is the place to go. They’ll have awesome things at their disposal such as an amazing tree house, different things they can climb on, a garden, and a fort zone. They also have an opportunity to build anything their genius minds can imagine. This is a great place for children thinking outside the box to let their creativity thrive.

Bommer Canyon Trails

When you want to wind down from all the hassle of traveling and finding your way through the airport, this is the right spot. For those who enjoy spending their time in nature, Bommer Canyon Trails offer the perfect environment. 

With a total of about 4.6 miles of different trails, you can easily choose the difficulty and length of the hike according to your physical ability or current mood. You’ll be able to stay in close touch with nature while enjoying the wonderful scenery Irvine has to offer.

Orange County Great Park

No matter your interests or age, at the Orange County Great Park you’re bound to find something to indulge in. The opportunities here are endless and they include biking and walking trails, a large balloon display, a carousel, a kid’s play area, and a farmer’s market. 

If you love taking part in sports, you’ll be delighted with the baseball and soccer fields. It’s a perfect place that your entire family will love.

Tanaka Farms

This large piece of land has served agricultural purposes for over a century, eventually having  developed into an interactive farm. At Tanaka Farms, you can take part in fruit picking, see different farm animals, and buy fresh produce at the open daily market.

It also offers a seasonal pumpkin event where you can hitch a ride on a wagon and tour the pumpkin patch. You can pick your favorite pumpkin and bring it home, but also take a look at the educational barnyard exhibit. It’s definitely a place you can enjoy with a whole family.

Irvine Lake and Dam

With the beautiful sunny weather throughout the year, the Irvine Lake and Dam is a destination where you can freshen up by participating in different activities on or by the water. It offers a variety of possibilities including picnicking, swimming, fishing, kayaking, and many more. 

What company offers a reliable car service to take me from Irvine  to SNA Airport

What company offers a reliable car service to take me from Irvine, CA to SNA Airport?

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