Chauffeurs vs Drivers: 4 Crucial Differences

When going from Santa Monica to Orange County, you often hire a private car service to enjoy the sights from a comfortable vehicle. The only part about your experience you’re interested in is arriving at your destination safe and sound. 

But when scheduling your service, should you hire a driver or a professional chauffeur? We’ll help you decide by listing the four biggest differences between chauffeurs and standard drivers

What is the difference between a chauffeur and a driver? 

Santa Monica and Orange County have no shortage of spectacular views and mesmerizing areas. For example, you can get an intense workout at the Original Muscle Beach and have a delicious lunch at the legendary Bay Cities to recharge your batteries. 

The only question is – who should take you there, a driver or a chauffeur? Many believe these two are the same, but that’s not the case. Here are the most significant differences: 


Both drivers and chauffeurs have proper licenses. However, that’s where similarities end in this respect. 

On the one hand, regular drivers aren’t required to undergo any training to provide their services. On the other hand, chauffeurs go through rigorous testing to become professionals. They’re also subject to background checks and etiquette courses. Plus, they need to show expertise in the following situations: 


You can hire a driver to operate a vehicle and take you to your destination. There’s nothing more to their services.

By contrast, chauffeur services extend beyond driving you wherever you want to go. These professionals can accommodate many other needs: 

  • Booking reservations 
  • Going to grocery stores 
  • Picking up clothes from dry cleaning 
  • Buying flowers

A chauffeur can run errands or fulfill specific requests as long as they’re legal. Some providers even let you choose a more scenic route to your address to personalize your adventure.

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Traditional drivers typically operate standard vehicles. They may or may not allow you to choose the car you’ll be transported in. 

Conversely, chauffeurs are trained to drive you in limousines, luxury sedans, executive vans, and many other vehicles. This way, they protect their professional image while customizing a key part of your service to meet your needs adequately. 

Dress codes 

Drivers’ uniforms are rarely formal. Instead, they generally wear standard shirts or suits and jackets with company branding or logo. They may also have polished shoes and slacks. 

Another major difference between chauffeurs and professional drivers is their appearance. More specifically, they dress differently. 

In contrast, licensed chauffeurs are required to appear very polished and well-groomed. They normally wear dark tuxedos or suits, ties, dress shoes, dress shirts, and white or black ties. Their elegant look embodies their refined approach to this profession. Moreover, it makes customers more confident their service will run smoothly. 

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