Private Car Services vs Taxis: All You Need to Know

Planning the perfect holiday isn’t easy. You need to consider a number of details, such as accommodation, landmarks you want to visit, and your budget. However, getting around your destination is just as important. There are two main options here: getting a taxi and hiring a private car service to take you anywhere from Encinitas to San Diego Airport. 

What are the differences between these two services, and which one should you hire? Find out in this guide to taxis vs. private car services. Read on!

What is the difference between a car rental and a taxi?

You always want to spend a lovely day at your destination when traveling. Whether you want to go sunbathing or surfing at a majestic beach, you might be in two minds about booking a private car service or taxi. Let’s explain the differences between the two to help you make an informed decision:

Car rental is customizable 

There are no surprises when it comes to taxi services. You get the same experience as thousands of other passengers before you, which can be a problem if you want a unique adventure. 

You won’t have this issue with private car services. A high-quality provider can fulfill special requests, such as stopping at certain spots between your departure and destination, without charging you extra. Furthermore, you can schedule your rental service for a couple of days to ensure reliable transport as long as you’re in town. 

You can reach your destination faster with a private car service 

It may take you a while to get in touch with a taxi service if you visit a place in peak season. The driver may take even longer to pick you up, wasting a lot of time. 

By contrast, private car service providers pride themselves on minimal response times. You can contact their customer service in no time by phone or email, allowing you to schedule your ride within seconds. Plus, the experienced and trained driver picks you up at an agreed time, so you don’t have to adjust your schedule.

What is the difference between car rental and taxi?Car rental is a premium experience

You want the full package on your travel, not just in the hotel, but also in the vehicle. Most taxis can’t provide details like refrigeration, flat-screen TVs, and booths. That’s not the case with private car services. 

A top-shelf company has access to luxury cars with exceptional equipment: 

  • Air conditioning 
  • Stereo systems 
  • State-of-the-art TVs 
  • Mini-bar 
  • Light show 
  • Mini fridge with beverages

As a result, you can’t go wrong with vehicle rental if you want to elevate your experience. It outclasses taxi services in this respect. 

Private car drivers are usually more polite 

Some taxi companies are notorious for their impolite staff. Even if they’re good drivers, they can ruin your experience by condescending to you. On the other hand, car rental providers are kind to all their customers. One of the most impressive skills of these drivers is professional communication. Therefore, you’ll have pleasant conversations with your driver on each occasion.

What’s the #1 private car service that can drive you from Encinitas to San Diego Airport? 

Now that we’ve established there are many reasons you should book a private transportation provider rather than a taxi, you need to know how to find a trusted company. Look for an organization with a proven track record and vast experience. Also, make sure the team is licensed and has great customer support. 

Stay Classy Transportation SD ticks all those boxes. We are a second-to-none private car provider in Encinitas. Our skilled drivers deliver a smooth ride each and every time to ensure you reach your destination comfortably. Give us a call and elevate your experience in our next-level cars!

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