Traveling to Phoenix With Friends

Nothing is as exciting as traveling with a group of friends. Although organizing a trip for a group of people can be logistically challenging, it’s very rewarding once you’ve made all the travel arrangements. To make the trip a memorable experience, many travelers in Phoenix use a renowned black car service. This article explores the best activities and places you can visit when you are in Phoenix with friends. Buckle up!

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What can you do in Phoenix with friends?

Phoenix has so much to offer to travelers of all kinds. If you are going on this trip with friends, make sure to check out the following:

1. Visit the Grand Canyon

Just like exploring nature is one of the things that makes Phoenix a good solo trip, visiting the Grand Canyon is a must, not just for tourists in Phoenix, but for anyone who travels to the US. Besides hiking tours, you can go on airplane and helicopter rides. Make sure to visit one of the most popular hotspots of the Grand Canyon, i.e. the South Rim trail. If you want to see the towering rock formations up close, you can go for a ride in a hammer jeep.

2. Go cruising on a steamboat

If you want to explore the Apache Trail, you can drive a car for a couple of hours or enjoy the view from a steamboat. Take the legendary steamboat Dolly and go on a cruise on Canyon Lake. The steamboat has been carrying passengers for almost one hundred years and is a great experience. Approaching the trail from the water has additional perks like seeing bald eagles and desert bighorn sheep, which is also one of the things you can do in Phoenix with your kids

3. Drive ATV in the desert

An ATV tour is bound to be one of your most memorable experiences not just when it comes to visiting Phoenix, but probably in your entire life. Tours of the Sonoran Desert and Box Canyon led by experienced guides will give you a glimpse and sound understanding of these breathtaking sites’ genealogy and history. A 25-30 mile long tour that lasts for 2-3 hours will enable you to reach some places that you can’t go to on foot or by car.

4. Make your own chocolate

If you and your friends have a sweet tooth the perfect destination for you is Cerreta Candy Company where you can make your own chocolate. This family-run factory produces a variety of sweets, ranging from chocolate to candy, cookies, and toffee. There are classic and VIP tours, which include making and testing gourmet chocolate and pulling, stretching, twisting, and wrapping up your own candy. This is also one of the great places to see in Phoenix as a couple.

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5. Visit a medieval festival 

Take a trip down memory lane and visit a medieval jousting festival. Medieval Times Dinner and Tournament Phoenix is a live-action show that includes wining and dining with knights, royalty, and serfs over a four-course meal during jousting tournaments. If you want to make dinner with your friends unique this is the right place.

Where in Phoenix can I find a renowned black car service?

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