The Essential Guide to Calabasas for Tourists: Part I

If you’re thinking about visiting different parts of Los Angeles, you should definitely consider coming to Calabasas. It’s a city with a lot of famous places to see.

If you need a car service to get you from LAX to Calabasas, CA you can easily find a reliable company to take you around the area. However, before you start your trip, have a look at this list of the places to visit so you can organize your route to get the most out of it. 

What is Calabasas famous for

What is Calabasas famous for?

The view of the Santa Monica Mountains, as well as the abundance of cultural amusement makes this city an important spot on any traveler’s list. It offers a wide variety of amusing things to do, which is why so many celebrities choose to make it their home. Here’s why it’s so special. 

The Commons

While you might think it’s only a mall, it’s actually a bit more than that. This building features amazing Mediterranean architecture alongside popular boutique shops and fine dining. It’s an open‐air experience you shouldn’t miss. It also hosts different annual events and it’s open every day, so you can easily fit it in your plan. 

Hindu temple

The beautiful construction of the Malibu Hindu Temple was made in 1981 and it’s among the largest temples of this kind in the West. There are several services you can book, and it’s usually open for visits on weekends, but if you’re planning to visit, it’s best to check their website. 

Malibu Creek State Park

The home of Chumash Indians about 5,000 years ago, this place has changed very little ever since. Malibu Creek State Park is a perfect spot for nature lovers offering kayaking, rock climbing, horseback riding, camping, and hiking. It’s open every day from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. If you’re bringing your furry friend with you, they can stay with you in the campsite or on paved roads, but they’re not allowed on the trails.

Leonis Adobe Museum

This museum used to be the home of the famous rancher Miguel Leonis, and now you can explore the history of ranchers’ life through this amazing adobe house and its grounds. Today you can still see horses, longhorn cattle, poultry, sheep, and goats here. You can take a private or group tour and enjoy all the beauty of it. 

King Gillette ranch

Once home of the man who created the famous razor and also built this impressive mansion, it sits on about 600 acres of beautiful land. After the death of Gillette, it passed to Hollywood actors and directors, among whom Bob Hope as well. Later on, it was a seminary, then a university, and now it’s a protected area where you can enjoy biking, hiking, and birdwatching. 

There is also the visitor center where you can discover the full history of this land. An interesting fact about the place is that they filmed The Biggest Loser TV show here. 

Even if you go for all these spots, and there are many more, you can easily reach them by car. This will make your tours much more comfortable, plus it’s time efficient, especially if you book your rides on time. 

What reliable car service can take me from LAX to Calabasas, CA

What reliable car service can take me from LAX to Calabasas, CA?

If you’re not sure how to reach Calabasas from the airport or how far it is, feel free to contact us. We at Stay Classy LAX Car Service will be happy to answer your questions and schedule a comfortable ride for you in one of our high quality vehicles. Thanks to our reliable and professional drivers, you can rest assured you’ll reach your destination safely and on time. Call now!

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