Flying to Anaheim: All You Need to Know

When traveling to Anaheim, many people recommend hiring a luxury black car service to take you from SNA Airport to Anaheim, CA. But how do you reach the airport in the first place? Can you fly into Anaheim, and if so, is John Wayne Airport really the best option? 

The following travel guide to Anaheim will tell you just that. Keep reading to explore your options when flying into this jaw-dropping city and how to make your transport experience as stress-free as possible.

Can you fly into Anaheim?

When visiting Anaheim, your only goal might be to check out Disneyland in all its glory. Alternatively, you may want to learn more about the history of Anaheim by visiting other fascinating sights of this city, such as Yorba Regional Park.  

Either way, you first need to get there. Flying is the safest and fastest mode of transport, but can you really fly into Anaheim? Absolutely. You can fly to Anaheim, so there’s no need to postpone your visit, whether you’re a few hundred miles away or live in another state.

What airport do you fly into for Anaheim, CA?

You can fly into many airports when going to Anaheim, but SNA Airport (John Wayne Airport) is your best option. It’s packed with helpful features and amenities:

Charging ports

The airport has many readily available USB ports and electrical outlets underneath seats and along seatbacks. You can also find numerous workstations throughout Terminal C gates.

Animal relief zones

If you’re traveling with your furry friends, you’re in luck because SNA Airport has dedicated animal relief zones where you can help your little ones recharge their batteries after the flight. Here’s where you can find these areas:

  • Arrival section outside Terminal A near Parking A1
  • Outside Terminal C by the entrance to Parking C
  • Post-security near Gates 13 and 12

What’s great about these relief zones is that they provide easy access for you and your pets. If you need to use a cane, walker, or wheelchair, you won’t have trouble getting here. Additionally, there’s pet-friendly turf that’s gentle on your pet’s paws in any weather. It’s also non-slip to reduce the risk of injuries.


If you want to stream your favorite show after arriving, you can do just that by connecting to the airport’s Wi-Fi network. It’s available in every terminal.

Water refill stations

Another great thing about the John Wayne Airport is that it features several water refill stations near restrooms in the first 3 terminals. You can refill bottles of all sizes with fresh, filtered water for free. And if your container is full after arriving at SNA, you can use liquid disposal stations at security checkpoints. Simply empty the bottle and refill it once you pass your security check.

How far apart is Los Angeles and Anaheim?

Los Angeles is 26 miles away from Anaheim. On average, driving from LA to Anaheim takes about 35 minutes. 

Is there a black car service that can take me from SNA Airport to Anaheim, CA? 

Yes, there are many transportation services that can take you from SNA Airport to Anaheim in a stunning black car. But you should only work with the finest of the bunch: Stay Classy LAX. Give us a call, and we’ll dispatch a trained driver who will take you to your destination in an elegant, highly secure black car.

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