What Airlines Serve John Wayne Airport?

Preparation is key to success. This can be applied to all aspects of daily life, including travel. Familiarizing yourself with your airport, its working schedule, and security checkpoints can significantly reduce your travel anxiety. Not only will you feel calmer, but you’ll also get around faster. 

In case you need to hop on one flight right after another, consider booking a shuttle service in advance. It’s more convenient to have a car service to John Wayne Airport from LAX waiting for you than to try to hail a cab or use Uber.

To plan a trip successfully, you should first check what airlines can take you to your destination, as not all airlines serve all the airports. Keep reading to find out what airlines operate on SNA.

Does Orange County Airport have international flights?

John Wayne Airport is located in Orange County, California, in close vicinity of Newport Beach. It is considered to be the primary international airport that serves this area, so passengers can travel from SNA worldwide. Because the airport is so close to the residential area, it has limited working hours, so pay attention to this detail as well. 

Can a 747 land at John Wayne Airport?

Does Orange County Airport have international flights

Despite being fairly large in size with its three terminals, each with a separate level for arrivals and departures, the SNA cannot service the Boeing 747 due to runway restrictions. The John Wayne Airport runway is short, so the largest plane that can depart from or fly into the airport safely is A300.

What airlines fly into John Wayne?

The SNA has three terminals: A, B, and C. Terminal A is designated for Delta Connections and American Airlines flights. The first terminal also handles WestJet and Sun Country flights. Arrivals are on the lower levels, while departures are on the upper. Delta and American passengers can collect their luggage at baggage claims 1 and 2. This terminal’s parking area is marked A1 and A2.

Terminal B handles all Alaska Airlines flights along with United Airlines, the designated parking area is B2 and C, and the baggage claim is marked as 3 and 4.

The third terminal handles all international flights. The airlines that serve this terminal are Spirit, Frontier, Southwest, and Allegiant Air.  Terminal C shares the parking areas with terminal B, i.e. parking lots B2 and C. However, the baggage claim for domestic flights is under numbers 5 and 6, while international passengers should collect their luggage at baggage claim 7. 

The airport also handles cargo airlines by FedEx and UPS.

Where can I book a reliable car service to John Wayne Airport from LAX?

Can a 747 land at John Wayne Airport?

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