What Should I Note Down When Planning Out Wedding Transportation?

So, you’re organizing a wedding party. Venue? Check. Bridal dress, guest invitations, catering? Check. How about comfortable, safe transportation for the happy couple and their guests? Landing a first class, luxury vehicle driven by an experienced chauffeur for your wedding day is no small feat.

how to write transportation instructions on wedding invitation

There are many things to consider when choosing wedding transportation, such as:  which guests are seated together, how to inform them about the transport plan and how much money to put aside for top-notch wedding transportation service in Los Angeles. Before you make a decision, think through how to go about wedding transportation. Plan every detail out carefully because you don’t want anything to spoil your big day!

How to write transportation instructions on wedding invitation?

It’s important to think about the wording you’ll use to let your guests know about your transportation plan. It needs to be simple and straightforward so your guests know exactly what to expect. This way, you’ll ensure everything runs smoothly and all of your guests are on time.

Clearly state the time and place of the pick up, as well as the kind of vehicle that they’ll be taking. Mention if a lift is also provided for them to go back home or to their hotel after the party. If there are any specific instructions they need to keep in mind, include those too.

Does the father of the bride ride in the limo?

Very commonly, the father of the bride will ride in the bridal limo. If he is the person giving the bride away, it’s usually the most convenient for them to be seated in the same car. They are joined by bridesmaids or other family members.

Does the father of the bride ride in the limo

Alternatively, the bride can travel with her bridesmaids only, while the father arrives in a different vehicle, with other family members. These decisions depend on your specific situation and tastes.

After the ceremony is done and the party’s moving to the reception venue, the newlyweds typically ride together, while the bride’s father and other party members are seated in other cars.

Does Mother of the Bride travel with bridesmaids?

So, the bride and person who is giving her away at the altar customarily travel together for practical purposes. The same goes for the groom and his best man. However, seating arrangements in your hired vehicles of choice can be made according to your specific wishes.

Therefore, although the mother of the bride and the bridesmaids traditionally travel together, this is not a choice every happy couple has to make. A bride’s mother can easily be seated in the bride’s car so she can be by her daughter’s side on the big day. Good wedding transportation etiquette is important and the bride and groom’s wishes are even more so!

What is the go-to wedding transportation service in Los Angeles?

According to the U.S. Census Bureau statistics, there were more than 60 million married couples in the U.S. Contribute to the statistics by saying “I do” to the person you adore and want to spend your life with. Celebrate your union by a day to remember, without fretting about busy city traffic or unreliable taxis.

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