Emerging Trends in SD Corporate Transportation

As a business owner, entrepreneur or manager, you are always analyzing new trends in your industry and the corporate world in general. Besides innovations in technology and finance, corporate transportation has gained prominence in recent years.

Major companies started including corporate travel strategies into their overall business and financial plans, and we’re talking about more than just team building-related travels.

To stay ahead of the curve, check out some of the latest trends in corporate travel.

Bleisure traveling

We are witnessing a change in the overall purpose of business trips. In essence, businesspeople still go on business trips to meet new or potential clients, have a meeting with business partners and get the work done. However, more and more businesspeople want to combine a business trip with leisure activities, hence the coinage ‘’bleisure travel’’ (business and leisure).

A global survey of business travelers has showed that as many as 83% of businesspeople want to have (and often find) the time to explore the city or area they are visiting on business. The opportunity to get the work done and also have some time for fun or cultural activities is greatly appreciated. What’s more, it increases employee satisfaction with their job, makes them less stressed and ultimately – boosts their performance.

If you have a client flying in to San Diego, it would be great to plan out some activities for them during their stay, such as visiting city attractions or other famous venues in the area, where they can have some fun, take photos, etc. They are sure to appreciate it, and appreciate you and your business more, as well. Hiring a professional SD car service is an integral part of the plan, since you want your client to make the best of their stay, get everywhere on time and not get stressed with transportation in the process.

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Professional chauffeurs are ousting drivers

Business people, especially those who travel on business often, favor private transportation over solutions such as taxi, Uber or Lyft. One of the main reasons for this trend is the fact that private transportation means having your own private chauffeur. Chauffeurs are favored over drivers for several reasons.

First of all, providers of private transportation services make sure that the chauffeurs they hire are 100% reliable and have impeccable references. The clients, in turn, can have peace of mind knowing that a trained, experienced and professional driver will make sure their journey is safe and comfortable. By contrast, Uber and Lyft drivers are typically not professional drivers.

Also, a private chauffeur implies luxury and exclusivity, an image that most businesspeople want to project.

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Chauffeured SD airport car service

Hiring an SD car service for airport transportation has become a corporate standard. It doesn’t matter whether you travel on business often or not, your time is money – a well-established fact in business.

A chauffeured car service means that you will have a professional driver pick you up on time, drive you to the airport, or (the other way around) pick you up when you land and drive you safely to a meeting or conference. There is no hassle, no delay and you get everywhere on time, fully prepared and relaxed.

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Private transportation as part of risk management

As part of their risk management strategies, major companies now account for their employees’ transportation, especially international travel. Events such as car accidents are also considered and strategies are devised on how to best deal with them. One of the ways to ensure the safety of their employees is to hire private car transportation when employees are traveling on business out of town or country.

An especially popular service is the airport meet-and-greet, where the chauffeur waits for an employee at the airport and helps them with their luggage. In this way, they can make sure the employee doesn’t get robbed, which is vital if they are carrying important company documents with them.

Companies also want to know where the vehicle transporting their employees is located at any time, a service offered by high-class SD car service providers such as Stay Classy Airport Black Car Service.

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Stay classy with the Best SD Car Service

For you to stay at the top of your game in the corporate sector, you need a reliable partner. Stay Classy Airport Black Car Service is a reputable SD car services provider. We are here for all your corporate travel needs, whether you are welcoming a client or business partner from another city or arranging transport for yourself or your employees. Give us a call today and let us know how we can be of service!

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