Riding with the Execs: Proper Limousine Etiquette

If it is your task to arrange San Diego airport limousine service for the annual meeting of C-level executives, you should get familiar with the proper etiquette.

Choosing the car

The first step is always choosing a suitable transport. Check with the executives to see if they have any preference. If not, request a non-smoking limousine, even if it seems like common sense to you.

Also, after choosing the car, pass the information on to the senior executives you are hiring San Diego airport limousine service for. They should know about the model, the color, and the make of the transportation.

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Number of passengers

It is really important to know the number of passengers that will take a ride in the luxury transportation you are booking. This helps the black car service arrange a suitable vehicle.

If the number of passengers changes for any reason, notify the company right away. Safety and comfort are compromised if there are too many passengers for the selected vehicle.

How to enter and exit

Always let the chauffer open the door for you. Then, take a seat, swing your legs inside, and slide to your seat. You should never step in the vehicle, as it is not the proper etiquette in corporate occasions. When exiting, follow the same procedure – let the chauffeur open the door and assist the passengers.

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Seating arrangement

You have to be mindful of the seating positions. The seat at the back right, or the “power seat”, is reserved for the most important people. On the other hand, the “jump seat”, the seat facing backwards, is the most uncomfortable, meaning it’s the perfect place for a junior executive. It is a big faux pas to let any of the senior executives sit there.

Respect the driver

Always be courteous to your chauffeur, as it only increases your professionalism in the eyes of execs you are riding with. This means being pleasant, letting the driver do the job he is paid to do, and letting him know of any unplanned changes in the plan in advance.

Lastly, never ask your driver to exceed the speed limit. This is not only unprofessional, but unsafe, and will leave a bad impression on both the driver and the executives.

Respect the limo

This goes without saying, but it is good etiquette to leave the limo exactly as you found it. Do not forget to take your personal items out of the car as you exit. Also, never leave any trash in the limo. Take one final glance before exiting and make sure the car is as clean as when you entered it.

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