What’s the Price Of Wedding Transportation?

A wedding party is in the works but you haven’t booked transportation for the big day yet? The clothes, the music and the food are all crucial but arriving to the party in style is equally important! So, whether you need a practical coach or a luxury limo, don’t forget to factor in wedding transportation in Los Angeles County when making your plans and thinking about your wedding day budget!

How much is wedding transportation?

Now let’s consider how much to spend on wedding transportation. Most limo rental companies will charge clients per hour or per trip. Some transportation companies will also provide wedding packages, which include a set number of hours. The price of the rental may depend on the following:

How much do limos cost for weddings
  • car model and features: a larger limo that accommodates 20 people, for example, will be more costly than ones that seat 8
  • length of the rental in hours: the longer the rental, the higher the costs
  • distance to be covered: most car rentals operate in a limited area, so rides that reach beyond are paid extra
  • day of the week: Saturdays are the busiest and the most expensive
  • time of day: rentals generally cost more in the evenings
  • special additions, such as champagne in the car and a formally dressed driver

Contact your rental company well before the big day and request a quote based on your specific requests.

What does the father of the bride pay for?

It was traditionally accepted that the family of the bride pays for all wedding expenses, apart from the bride’s ring, the groom’s wedding attire and the honeymoon trip. If you want to take the traditional route, opt for such an arrangement.

However, covering wedding expenses nowadays is usually a matter of agreement between the bride, groom and their families. So, when starting to plan out your wedding budget, you can choose to discuss the costs together.

How much do limos cost for weddings?

A sophisticated limo is a car of choice for many couples on their wedding day. Most often, the bride’s father rides in the limousine with her on the way to the wedding ceremony. After he gives her away, the limo takes center stage again, when the bride and groom ride in it together. This makes the limo ride to their wedding reception their first trip as a married couple.

A limo is a timeless classic, so how much does it cost to rent one? Overall, the prices run between $75 and $150 per hour.  Even though it’s an additional expense, special memories and amazing photos you’ll take in your wedding limo are definitely worth it.

How much does it cost to rent a shuttle for a wedding?

Shuttle buses are a great choice for larger weddings. This way, your guests can travel together, without worrying about busy roads or running late. Moreover, this is sometimes how the bridal party travels to the ceremony. Also, the newlyweds, who mostly prefer to take a limo to the reception, can ride home on the bus with their friends and family. Get everyone to the party on time and get them home safely, following the NHTSA guidelines.

How much does it cost to rent a shuttle for a wedding

The price of a wedding shuttle is usually about $130 to $200 per hour. Ask your car rental company to calculate the price for your specific needs.

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