How to Make Traveling With Seniors Easier

You must have gone on many holidays with your parents or grandparents. Now it’s time to return the favor. You’ve booked your flight, and you’re going from Los Angeles to Tijuana via a private car service, so how do you make your adventure more enjoyable? 

After all, traveling with elderly folks isn’t the same as a vacation with your young friends. You’ll need to consider various factors to have a great time. That’s what we’ll help you with. Read on for the 5 key tips on traveling with seniors.

How do you travel with an elderly person?

As previously mentioned, traveling with an elderly person can be tricky. It’s vastly different from journeys with your friends or even with your little ones in tow. But if you take these tips, you’ll have an easier time exploring the Tijuana region in all its glory:

Tip #1 – Rely on private transportation 

Public transportation is widespread, but this doesn’t make it travel-friendly. On the contrary, late arrivals and uncomfortable seating can turn your holiday into a nightmare. It gets even worse for your senior companions if it’s a crowded bus.

Why not avoid all the hassle by scheduling a private vehicle? These services are convenient since you’re the only passenger on board. You don’t have to worry about accommodating others since the driver adapts to your schedule only.

Not to mention, private vehicles are much more comfortable. The air-conditioned interior and refrigeration allow the elderly to relax and enjoy a smoother trip.

Here’s what else makes this mode of transport perfect for seniors: 

  • Cutting-edge safety features
  • The ability to pull over at any time
  • No charges for waiting (with some providers)
  • Polite and experienced drivers

Tip #2 – Do most of your exploration in the morning or evening 

High temperatures don’t go easy on the elderly, especially if it’s humid. They can lead to breathing difficulties, headaches, and many other health problems. So, avoid exploring the city during the day. Do this in the morning or evening when the weather is much more pleasant. Also, daytime strolls are ill-advised for older people due to crowds.

Tip #3 – Ask for discounts

Just because you might not be eligible for accommodation discounts doesn’t mean your parents or grandparents aren’t. Ask the provider if they have senior discounts. If so, you can slash the price by upwards of 15-20%.

Tip #4 – Book a morning flight 

Airports are notoriously crowded in the afternoon. As previously discussed, crowded places aren’t senior-friendly, so try to schedule your flight (if you’re taking one) in the morning. You’ll spend less time in check-in and security lanes, making the process less troublesome for the elderly.

Tip #5 – Bring medications 

If your elderly folks take prescribed medications, be sure to pack them. If they’re running low, visit their physician to see if they can give you another pack in advance. This will eliminate the need to look for the medicine in local drug stores, which can be expensive in tourist hotspots. 

los angeles to tijuana private car service

What’s the #1 Los Angeles to Tijuana private car service? 

If we had to single out the most important tip, it would be the first one. Hiring a trustworthy private transportation provider can make all the difference when traveling with seniors, no matter what’s on your itinerary. Your journey becomes safer and more comfortable, whether you’re visiting Parque Morelos or a local beach.

And it won’t take you forever to find a reliable company because Stay Classy LAX is right here. We offer customizable services, allowing you to adjust the pick-up/drop/off locations and other factors to your liking. Plus, we have modern vehicles that provide your parents or grandparents with many amenities, like refreshments and TV.

Schedule your ride, and we’ll go the extra mile to make your trip memorable!

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