How to Reach Different Terminals at LAX Airport

Can you change terminals at LAX without leaving security

LAX Airport is undergoing a huge project that’s focused on improving ease of access between the terminals, but also to the building itself. Since the project started back in 2019, some improvements are already in place, making it easier for travelers to move from one terminal to another.

Whether you’re departing from the airport, or you’ve arrived and need a ride, hiring a private car service from LAX to Santa Monica or other nearby areas is the perfect solution. But, move around LAX and its terminals efficiently, have a look at the following information for a comfortable passenger experience. 

Can I walk between terminals at LAX?

LAX Airport is in the shape of one big “U”. Ground transportation and parking lots are on the inside, while the terminals are placed on the outside. Luckily, the terminals are interconnected, so there is a way to walk between them. However, you should know exactly where you can go from each terminal to avoid confusion and wasting time.

Can you change terminals at LAX without leaving security?

Depending on your current terminal, the terminal you want to reach, and how you want to reach it, you may or may not need to leave security. This is how it all works:

Is LAX hard to get around
  • Terminal 1 is, unfortunately, the only one without a walkway to another terminal. To connect from this terminal, you’ll need to exit and use the shuttle bus. 
  • Terminal 2 connects via a walkway to Terminal 3, but you need to leave the security area. If you’d like to go to Terminal 3 and not leave security, you can use the shuttle bus on level 2. To connect to any other terminal, go to the lower level to exit and use the shuttle bus.  
  • Terminal 3 is not connected to any other terminals. It is only linked with Terminal 2, and so the steps that apply here are the same.
  • Terminal 4 is linked to Terminal 5 via an underground walkway and to Terminal B via a connector bridge. Both the walkway and the bridge are airside, which means you’re not leaving security.
  • Terminal 5 is linked to both Terminals 4 and 6 by underground walkways which are airside, so you stay in the security area.
  • Terminal 6 is linked to Terminal 7 by an above‐ground walkway. Still, you’re within security. 
  • Terminal 7 and Terminal 8 share one security checkpoint and they’re connected by a walkway.
  • Terminal B (Tom Bradley) connects to Terminal 4. If you are arriving and connecting from this point to another terminal, you do need to pass a security checkpoint that’s located within the connector bridge.  

To sum it up, moving anywhere from Terminal 1 requires that you leave security as does walking between Terminals 2 and 3 unless you take a shuttle bus. If you move anywhere between Terminals 4 and 8, you will be within the security area. 

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