5 Tips for People Who Like to Travel Light

While traveling is a great way to expand your horizons and have fun, packing and carrying around too much luggage can be a huge hassle. Regardless of whether you prefer to go backpacking or you’ve booked an all-inclusive accommodation, it’s always handy to travel light, especially if you go by plane.

That’s why many people who travel from Mesa, AZ to Phoenix Sky Harbor opt for a reputable car service to fully enjoy their trip. In this article, we’ll help you enjoy your travels that much more by providing you with some time-tested tips for how to travel light. Read on!

How do people travel light?

The ways of traveling that stimulate the minimalist approach to packing the most are backpacking and flying. Regardless of whether you are flying to the closest major airport to Mesa Arizona or going to some far-away exotic destination always bear in mind that less is more. If you want to travel light stick to these 5 simple tips:

How do people travel light

1. Make a packing list

A packing list can help you set your priorities and pack the things that you really need instead of throwing them randomly in the suitcase. Include clothes, toiletries, electronics, and medications. Make sure you check which items you are allowed to put in your carry-on luggage to speed up the security check process. Having a list will facilitate cutting down on luggage and crossing out the redundant items that may seem necessary at first.

2. Choose the right bag

Airlines are getting more and more strict when it comes to the size and weight of luggage. The choice of the right bag or suitcase is essential not just to meet the airline standards but also because it’s the best way to stay safe while traveling. Make sure your bag is practical with multiple compartments that will help you organize your belongings well. It should be easy to carry or wheel around and durable to withstand rough handling.

3. Pack practical clothes

Your clothes should be lightweight, adaptable, and quick-drying. Bring versatile clothes that you can match up easily and wear on different occasions instead of taking special-case items. Make sure to have a pair of comfortable shoes and if you need special equipment you can always rent it at the designated location. If you pack clothes that dry quickly you can do the laundry on the spot and save a lot of space.  

4. Avoid just-in-case packing

Regardless of which means of transport you opt for to get from Phoenix to Mesa from the airport don’t overpack. You don’t need 20 pairs of socks or 5 pairs of jeans. Pack at most clothing for one week. You can wear the same item several times and change combinations. Don’t bring a stash of toiletries or other items that you can buy at a local shop.    

5. Reduce electronics

While having a smartphone, tablet, and laptop is useful and necessary to have access to information and travel smart, you shouldn’t go overboard. Don’t take a heavy and bulky laptop if you can do everything on a tablet. Store movies and e-books on your phone instead of taking the Kindle. Reduce the number of cables by acquiring adapters or chargers for multiple appliances. 

When traveling from Mesa, AZ to Phoenix Sky Harbor which car service should I opt for

When traveling from Mesa, AZ to Phoenix Sky Harbor which car service should I opt for?

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