Getting To & From Mesa, Arizona

Regardless of whether you have chosen Mesa as your next holiday destination or you have to go there on business, you are bound to have a great time. Still, just because you’ll enjoy the destination, that doesn’t mean that you can’t enjoy the journey, too. 

That’s why many travelers who go from Mesa, AZ to Sky Harbor indulge themselves and hire a quality private car service to have an unforgettable experience. This article provides some useful tips on how to get to and from Mesa, Arizona. Keep on reading to find out how to have a great trip!

Mesa AZ to Sky Harbor private car service

How do I get from Phoenix to Mesa from the airport?

Regardless of whether you choose the closest major airport to Mesa Arizona or some other alternative, there are a lot of transportation options to consider. However, the cheapest option may not always be the best. Here’s the list of means of transport that you have at your disposal:

1. Public transport

Several lines of public transport go to Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport. A line 30 bus takes approximately one hour to get from the airport to Mesa. The tram ride lasts around 47 minutes and there is also the 44th Street PHX Sky Train Station, a direct connection to Valley Metro Rail which offers direct access to Mesa. 

While using public transport is the cheapest alternative it isn’t the most convenient one. People are usually tired from the flight and switching trains and metro lines with luggage can be exhausting. You can also get scammed or robbed or simply get lost and that is not the best way to stay safe while traveling. 

2. Taxi

Taxis are usually the second cheapest and easiest option. However, you should be careful, especially if people come up to you at the airport and ask you if you need a taxi because this is probably a scam. Another problem with taxis is that if you’re traveling with your family and there are five of you, you’ll need two taxis which will naturally affect the total transportation costs. 

3. Uber

If you opt for Uber you should turn on the app on your phone on the day of your travel to get the proper estimation of the drive time and costs from the airport to the accommodation. You may have to wait for a few minutes and you have to figure out where to get picked up but Uber has several advantages compared to a taxi.

It’s cheaper and you can specify that you need a larger vehicle. The size of the vehicle may not be a problem for people who like to travel light, but this feature is invaluable to people who go on a trip with children.

4. Private car service

This is far and beyond the best option. Hiring a private car service is both cost-effective and will save you a lot of time and energy. You can schedule a ride in advance so you don’t have to chase a taxi, Uber, or a shuttle, and you don’t have to transfer to multiple metro or tram stops with luggage. Private car service is punctual, reliable, and the most comfortable.    

private car service Mesa AZ to Sky Harbor

Where can people who travel from Mesa, AZ, to Sky Harbor find a dependable private car service?

If you want a comfortable ride from the airport to Mesa you need to look no further than Stay Classy Black Car Service. We offer an elaborate car park with vehicles that will cater to all your needs. Our seasoned pros will drive you safely to your final destination. Enjoy the view of the South Mountains near Mesa while you are in our spacious limo. Contact us today and schedule a ride!

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