4 Ways to Save Money on Corporate Travel

COVID-19 seems to have changed the whole corporate world and how people view travel. Even though professionals are now pretty accustomed to working remotely, there are still times where video meetings on Zoom just won’t be enough. When the need for corporate travel arises, making travel arrangements can be quite a challenge.

What’s more, trying to cut expenses on business trips might sound like mission impossible. From booking a private car service to LAX to reserving a hotel room, we’ll tell you all about tips and tricks you can use to save some money while planning a business trip.

How do I cut corporate travel expenses?

How do I cut corporate travel expenses?

There’s a lot to factor in when trying to save money on business travel, especially if you’re sending different teams to different locations at the same time. Cutting expenses does not have to imply sacrificing comfort, it just means planning smarter and in advance. Here are a few tips you can rely on for planning your next business trip.

  1. Adjust daily budgets

Create daily budgets based on the location where your employees are traveling. Cost of living varies from country to country, even city to city. For example, the person flying to Memphis or Oklahoma City will probably need a lower daily budget than the person who’s traveling to Los Angeles or New York.

Not only are restaurants and hotels cheaper in non-tourist cities, but the overall transportation and living costs are considerably lower. So for the next business trip, distribute daily allowance based on the location of travel.

  1. Look for less expensive accommodation

If you’re traveling to a conference or a seminar, it’s more practical to book the accommodation in the hotel where the conference is. However, if company policies allow, try and look for different hotels in the area. Oftentimes you will find cheaper, yet equally comfortable boutique hotels. On a larger scale, even ten dollars off the price per person can round up to a significant amount saved.

  1. Apply for loyalty programs

Lots of airlines offer really good deals for frequent travelers. Small businesses can really benefit from applying for loyalty and membership programs, as those reward points can amount to notable discounts. 

Big corporations should also consider setting up an account with private car services or even hotels if allowed. By setting up an account, not only will you have a discount, but you will also get additional perks, such as shorter lead time upon booking for example. 

  1. Save up on transportation

Check if it makes sense to travel to the destination by car. If it’s not that far, you can save up significantly by filling up the tank instead of paying for four airplane tickets. Make sure everyone’s on board with this decision, as some people may feel safer traveling by air.

On the other hand, if the destination is only reachable by plane, then keep an eye out for deals and low-fare tickets online. There are many websites you can subscribe to that send you the alert when there’s a good ticket price available.

Where can I book a dependable private car service from LAX?

Where can I book a dependable private car service from LAX?

Stay Classy LAX is a reputable private car service that has been in business for many years. You can use our booking widget to set up a round trip to and from LAX for your employees or give us a call and our friendly staff will be more than happy to assist you. 

Additionally, we also provide hourly services. You can schedule a private business class car with a chauffeur for a couple of hours. The driver and the vehicle will be at your disposal during those hours so that you can easily go from meetings to lunch or hotel. This may even save you some time for sightseeing. 

No more chasing cabs, running late, and getting lost in the City of Angels. Book now!

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