6 Tips for Dealing With Los Angeles Traffic

Visiting one of the most popular cities in the world is certainly exciting. However, the also very well-known traffic of Los Angeles can easily overshadow this ecstatic feeling. Luckily, different solutions can reduce the amount of this traffic-related stress to the minimum. 

If you need airport transportation from LAX to Beverly Hills or other nearby neighborhoods, a perfect way to not get overwhelmed by gridlocks is to hire a reliable private car company to pick you up. However, if you’d like to know more about handling rush hours in LA, keep reading and find out. 

How do you avoid rush hour traffic in Los Angeles?

Whether you’re a first-time visitor, a regular looking to improve your experience around the city, or just trying to find the easiest way to reach Beverly Hills, the following tips will give you a better perspective.

Avoid gridlock hours

This might seem obvious, but it’s the main rule of moving smoothly around LA. If you can, try to stay out of traffic between 7:30 and 9:30 am, and between 3:30 and 7:30 pm on weekdays. This gives you a chance to see the city in a new light.

Avoid the 405

While they did add a couple of extra lanes quite a few years ago, this road is still the main source of stress for the drivers. If you don’t want to sit for hours in your car, try Sepulveda Boulevard instead. It’s parallel to the 405, yet much faster. 

Take alternatives

What reliable airport transportation can I take from LAX to Beverly Hills

If you don’t want to take Sepulveda or the 405, and you’re heading to South Bay, there are more options to choose from. These are Highland Avenue, Pershing Drive, Vista del Mar, and Aviation Boulevard which is parallel to Sepulveda. However, if you’re going to Hollywood, the fastest route is to take Fountain Street. 

Finally, if you don’t want to lose your flight, instead of taking the freeway rather go for La Cienega Boulevard. Despite being a bit challenging in the beginning, the speed limit increases after Rodeo, so it becomes much more enjoyable.

Use technology

One of the benefits of modern age technology is definitely a variety of traffic apps. They can be more or less helpful, but here you’ll find two most useful ones:

  • Waze – This is a great app that suggests side streets you can take to avoid congestion, and it works in real time. 
  • SigAlerts – Whether it’s a motorcade or an accident, these alerts are broadcast on their website, on TV, on the radio, as well as on the signs along the highway.

Use public transportation

While it may not be as comfortable as your car, public transportation will certainly help you avoid a lot of traffic. Moreover, Los Angeles ranks 3rd among the top accessible metropolitan areas in the US. For a very small price, you can get a ticket for the light rail and forget about traffic jams.

Go for a private car service

If you’d like to both keep the comfort and not think about congested streets, you can take a taxi or a private car service to get you where you need to be. It’s the best way if you want to travel stress-free. 

How do you avoid rush hour traffic in Los Angeles

What reliable airport transportation can I take from LAX to Beverly Hills?

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