How Will Business Travel Be Affected by COVID-19?

Since the beginning of the worldwide coronavirus pandemic, safety measures have been enforced in order to curb the spread of this dangerous virus. Travel restrictions have largely affected business travelers. Non-essential travel is discouraged, so most business trips have been put on hold. What will business travel be like after these restrictions are lifted? 

What is for sure is that there will be significant changes. For example, services for transportation to and from LAX will have to adhere to safety measures in order to minimize contact, such as masks, hand sanitization and contactless card payment. Read on for everything you should know about business travel after the pandemic.

Coronavirus and business travel everything you need to know

Coronavirus and business travel: everything you need to know

Since the wake of coronavirus disease, business travel has come to a halt. Although most have moved their business meeting to online platforms, there is no reason to believe face-to-face communication will be completely replaced by these in the future. Most companies are busy working out their post-pandemic recovery plans, which include employees resuming their schedules and a comeback of business travel. 

When business people are allowed to set off on trips again, what will it be like? While a lot is still uncertain, there are several highly likely possibilities. The return to normal will definitely come in stages, which means there will be certain precautions to bear in mind when travel resumes. It will be crucial to learn how to protect yourself while traveling so that you steer clear of COVID-19.

At the airport

Airport staff and passengers will be required to wear protective masks at the gate and during flights for the foreseeable future. In the terminals, airports are setting up tape or floor markings to ensure that passengers keep a 6-foot distance as they wait in lines. Plastic or glass screens are being put up to act as sneeze guards between staff and passengers. In some airports, passengers can also scan their boarding pass themselves so that contact between them and the airport’s employees is minimized.

On the road

Dependable car services looking to ensure the health and safety of their clients have stepped up precautions. This involves:

  • Making hand sanitizer available to clients in vehicles
  • Putting tissues and a bin with a lid on in vehicles
  • Protective masks and gloves for drivers
  • Passengers sitting behind the driver, not in the front seat
  • Installing perspex partition screens
  • Sanitizing the vehicles often
  • Contactless card payments
  • Putting up signs with information on anti-coronavirus safety measures for passengers

Each traveler should adhere to the rules of social distancing in hired vehicles by wearing a mask and gloves, sanitizing and washing their hands regularly, and keeping their distance from others.

In your accommodation

Book a room in a reliable hotel, which follows good hygienic practices. Also, you could do a quick clean in your hotel room, just to make sure every hard surface is wiped with a disinfectant. Pay special attention to areas you touch frequently, such as door handles, toilet handles, light switches, etc. Open the windows to air out the room. Also, don’t forget to wash your hands every chance you get.

How do I find the safest transportation

How do I find the safest transportation to and from LAX?

As soon as you’re ready to hit the road to do some business, you’ll require top-quality car service to get you places such as important business meetings, swiftly and smoothly. When your plane lands at Los Angeles International Airport, you’ll be in need of a safe, fast, and trustworthy means of transport. Stay Classy LAX is a company that checks all these boxes and more!

We have always taken great care of our clients’ well-being, which we continue doing during these difficult times. As the fight against coronavirus rages on, we’re doing our best to ensure our customers’ utmost satisfaction. You can rest assured that our pristine vehicles are thoroughly disinfected to reach the highest standards of hygiene. On top of this, our drivers are trained to give you a swift and pleasant ride to remember. Keep healthy with Stay Classy LAX!

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