Calabasas Traveling Guide: Everything You Need to Know

While Calabasas is committed to preserving its natural beauty and the life quality of a semi‐rural community – just as the red‐tailed hawk on its logo implies, this city is still growing and has a lot to offer to anyone who’d like to visit it. 

Reaching this amazing place is easy and you can choose among many options, one of them being a reputable car service that can take you for a comfortable ride from Calabasas, CA to LAX and the other way round. If you’d like to discover more about traveling around this marvelous city, read on. 

How far is it from Calabasas to LAX?

When you take the shortest way, which is the I‐405 route, the distance between the Los Angeles airport and Calabasas is about 30 miles. However, the time it takes to reach the airport depends on the means of transport you opt for.

There are different bus lines and trains you can take, and this type of transfer may last between 3h and 3h 20m. Another option is a shuttle that runs on demand and gets you to your destination in about half an hour. Finally, going by car, which is definitely the most comfortable option, takes a bit over 30 minutes.  

Does Calabasas have an airport?

Apart from a couple of private runways, this city doesn’t feature a public airport. However, there are several airports in the surrounding area, and they are easy to reach by different transportation services, so you can choose one that works best for you:

  • Hollywood Burbank Airport: about 23 miles away; it takes about 29 minutes to reach.
  • Los Angeles International Airport: 30 miles away; reachable in about 33 minutes.
  • Long Beach Airport: 50 miles away; it takes about 48 minutes to arrive.
  • Orange County John Wayne Airport: 70 miles away; it takes 1h 9m to get there.
  • Ontario International Airport: about 71 miles away; reachable in 1h 17m.

Among these five airports, the one in Long Beach operates only domestic flights, while the others operate both domestic and international departures and arrivals. 

Is Calabasas safe?

The total crime rate in Calabasas is quite low, making it safer than almost half of U.S. cities. Whether you’re considering moving to this area or just visiting, there’s no need for you to fear for your safety. 

As in any other place, there are areas that are more or less risk‐free, and some of the safest places include Malibu Canyon, The Oaks, Greater Mulwood, Mont Calabasas, Calabasas Park – Bellagio, and Malibu Canyon Villas or Vira Mira Monte. 

How far is it from Calabasas to LAX

Overall, a lot of attractive activities and a low crime rate make this city an ideal place to visit whether you’re all alone or traveling with your family. You can walk around and explore the myriad of its lovely sights during the daytime as well as in the late night hours. 

What is a reliable car service that can take me from Calabasas, CA to LAX?

If you’re planning a trip to this lovely location which many celebrities choose to be their home, feel free to reach out to Stay Classy LAX Car Service. Thanks to our modern vehicles and reliable drivers, we can take you safely and on time to a destination of your choice. 

Whether you’d like to explore the city by car or you need a ride to the airport, we’ll be happy to take you there. All you need to do is sit back, relax in the comfort of our car, and enjoy the beautiful scenery around you. Give us a call now and book your ride!

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