1. Airports we service are SAN, LAX, SNA, CBX, and BUR.
  2. We service to and from all of greater San Diego.
  3. Also, as long as you need a ride to or from the San Diego airport, you can count on us. We cater to clients in Orange County, Riverside, Los Angeles, Calexico, Santa Barbara, and Las Vegas. Our services include shuttle transportation from San Diego to LAX, private transportation from LAX to anywhere in San Diego, luxurious black car service, and many others.
  4. We do not offer car service into Mexico, but we can take you to CBX. (Cross Border Xpress)
  5. Our company also operates across Phoenix, AZ and the nearby areas. We take passengers to Sky Harbor Airport as well as perform pickups at Scottsdale Airport and other adjacent airports. Our offer is also available in the surrounding cities,  including comfortable car rides in Gilbert, fast and elegant private transportation in Tempe, and effortless car services in Mesa.

We have different options for your convenience.

  1. You can make a reservation online on our reservations page.
  2. You can call us at 619-357-0723 to make a reservation with a live dispatcher.
  3. You can email us your itinerary and questions at support@SDairportTransport.com
  4. When available, you can use the chat option to ask questions and make reservations.

We have two options to cater to your needs:

Curbside Pickup (Standard)

  1. Your chauffeur will be tracking your flight and will know exactly when you have landed.
  2. Once you have landed, you will receive a text from your chauffeur introducing himself/herself. (Make sure cell is on and to provide correct cell #)
  3. After you get your luggage, you will come out to the curb and check which Zone you are in. You will then text that letter to your chauffeur (Zone A for example) and he/she will be there in 3-5 mins to pick you up.
Meet and Greet (Upgrade)
  1. Chauffeur will meet the client inside with a sign with his/her name on it.
  2. Client will most likely see the chauffeur and the sign on the way to baggage claim.
  3. Chauffeur will then assist with the luggage and walk with the client back to the vehicle.
  4. M&G is ideal for VIP, elderly, or clients who just want extra help with luggage.
  5. This service is an upgrade available at $30 for SAN and $40 for LAX (Sedan & SUV). The M&G for larger vehicles (Sprinter and above) is available for a minimum of $65 depending on size of vehicle and airport.
  6. Also, clients who do not have a cell phone or domestic number will be automatically upgraded and charged for a M&G service. This is to insure we find the client in a timely manner.
  1. No, please enter the exact arrival time of your flight when making a reservation.
  2. The chauffeur already takes into account you having to collect your luggage.
  3. There is no waiting fee for collecting luggage.
  1. We are known for our reliability. Be rest assured that your chauffeur will not only be on time, but most likely be 5-10 minutes early.
  2. All of our chauffeurs are instructed to text the client when in route to the pickup.
  3. You should expect this text approximately 15-45 minutes before your pickup time.
  4. If you have not received this text, please call the dispatch office at 619-357-0723 and they will assist you.
  5. For airport pickups, the chauffeur will text you immediately when your flight lands. (See “Where do I meet my chauffeur at the airport?” above)
  1. No, we do not charge for flight delays. We understand that flight delays are not in your control and thus we do not hold you responsible.
  2. Yes, we keep track of all incoming flights for SAN and LAX pickups.
  3. We use multiple state of the art flight tracking software to know exactly when your flight arrives.
  1. Yes, we offer car seats at a cost of $10 per front or rear-facing seat and $5 per booster seat.
  2. We offer quality forward-facing, rear-facing, and booster seats.
  3. Children’s safety is one of our top priorities, and we make sure that our chauffeurs go through proper training on car seat installation.
  4. Our car seats are disinfected, cleaned, and installed before we arrive to pick you up. (Unless you ask to install the car seat yourself)
  1. For sedans and SUVs, all cancellations must be made 24 hours in advance.
  2. For Sprinters, busses, and stretch limos, all cancellations must be made 48 hours in advance.

We are not the type of company that likes to charge for late cancellations. We only have the cancellation policy in place for the respect of the chauffeurs. When a reservation is made, we no longer take any more trips for that vehicle in that specific time slot. If a last minute cancellation occurs, then our company and the chauffeur have lost that business and any other potential business.

  1. Our clients appreciate the convenience of prepaid gratuity and not having to worry about having cash on hand.
  2. The gratuity is prepaid at 20%, but if you feel your experience was not worthy of 20%, we will refund your entire gratuity with no questions asked.
  3. Safety of our chauffeurs and clients is always a priority. Another reason we prepay the gratuity is to minimize the amount of cash that is in our vehicles.
  4. Our clients also like the fact that gratuity on the card can be written off and kept track of. While cash gratuity can be a hassle when keeping track of business expenses.
  5. If you do not want to prepay your gratuity, that is not a problem. Please let the dispatcher know and we will make a note that “client will tip in cash” once the trip has been completed.
  1. Our vehicles are vacuumed and washed multiple times throughout the day and detailed on a regular basis.
  2. Our vehicles have all passed multi-point inspections and go through various rigorous tests on a regular basis.
  3. Vehicle maintenance is one of the top priorities for our black car service because it directly has to do with chauffeur and client safety. We don’t just do maintenance, we do preventative maintenance. All of our cars are maintained regularly and kept to the highest standards.
  1. For starters, our chauffeurs are professionals and catering to your needs is their only priority.
  2. They are well dressed, groomed, and held to the highest standards.
  3. They are always expected to open/close your door and assist with luggage.
  4. Our chauffeurs are screened and drug tested for your safety.
  5. Our chauffeurs go through detailed training before they are dispatched out.
  6. Our chauffeurs and clients are covered in our commercial insurance policy.

With Uber/Lyft none of the above is guaranteed. Your chauffeur could have minimal experience and his/her car could be under-maintained. They are not held to any standards and they do not have the proper insurance in case of an accident.

There are many reasons why high-level executives, business owners, and entrepreneurs from San Diego (and all around the world) adore black car services:

  1. Time and energy-saving:  Professional chauffeurs have ample knowledge of the area they are serving, which makes them capable to get you where you need to go without delays;
  2. Convenience: You don’t have to worry about finding your way through an unfamiliar city or, even worse, looking for a parking spot;
  3. Luxury: Modern black cars are equipped with every amenity you might need on a short or long trip;
  4. Safety: Luxury rides are exceptionally well-maintained and the chauffeur never leaves them out of sight, so you’ll be safe during travels, and your belongings will remain secure, even if you’re not in the car;
  5. Style: Every businessperson knows that first impression matters and there’s no better way to make an entrance than in a state-of-the-art vehicle.
  1. Book & complete 6 trips within the year and your 7th trip is free
  2. All reservations must be booked under the same name and address.
  3. “Lucky #7” free trip must be used within the same calendar year as the first 6 that were booked.
  4. Trips from the past year do not count towards the “Lucky #7 free trip”.
  5. Also, the free trip that is earned in one year cannot be used in the next year.
  6. Lucky #7 free trips only apply to SAN and local trips. They DO NOT apply to LAX trips.
  1. We understand that communication can be the difference between a good or bad experience.
  2. If you book a round trip with us, we make sure to assign the same chauffeur on both legs of the trips.
  3. This helps the client have direct communication with the chauffeur and can be useful if they decide they want to stay and enjoy the event longer.
  4. This also enables the client and chauffeur to pick a designated pickup location for the return trip to insure an expedited pickup process.
  1. We absolutely do not have any hidden fees or surprise charges.
  2. What you see on the confirmation that is emailed to you the day before the trip is exactly what you will be charged.
  3. We do not charge for tax or tolls.
  4. After you make an online reservation, the only charges that you will see added to the base rate are 20% gratuity and airport pickup surcharge.
  5. The airport pickup surcharge is $10 for SAN and $15 for LAX and is charged to us by the Airport Authority.
  6. If the client is late and wait time occurs, then an email will be sent to inform of the total charges billed to the card on file.
  7. If client at any time feels they have been wrongly charged, please do not hesitate to email or call us.
  1. All of our vehicles are guaranteed to never have been smoked in.
  2. Yes, our permitting does allow clients to drink in our vehicles. (rules and limits apply)
  1. We process each reservation 24-48 hours before the pickup time.
  2. At this time we will send you a paid receipt which is also the confirmation for your upcoming trip.
  3. Please make sure to enter the correct billing address and name for the card you want us to bill.
  4. If you are using an international card, please DO NOT enter the billing address. It will not recognize it.
  1. Yes, if you create an account you can always log in and view your receipts and trip history.
  2. Also, once your account is created, you are automatically enrolled in our customer loyalty program and can earn your 7th trip free.
  1. Yes, our SUVs are all equipped with free wifi.

Yes, we offer the following discounts:

-Corporate Discount (upon approval)

-Referral Discount  (Discount on long distance trips only applies if both parties book similar reservations)


(Discounts apply to sedans and SUVs only, they do not apply to limos, sprinters, or busses)(terms and conditions apply)

Yes, you can add as many STOPs as needed before you get to your final destination with our black car service. Pricing can depend on distance and time. Please see below for details.

  1. If the stop is less than 5 miles off the most efficient GPS route, the cost is only $20.00 per STOP. (plus gratuity & fuel)
  2. If the stop is more than 5 miles off the most efficient GPS route, then the cost is $3.50 ($5.00 outside of the San Diego area) per every extra mile. (plus gratuity & fuel)
  3. If the driver has to wait more than 5 minutes at any STOP address, then wait time will accrue at the regular hourly rate. This rate will be based on the vehicle type. (minimum $89/hour)