A Brief History of Palm Springs

You’re planning your next travel destination, and you’re tired of places that offer little-to-no excitement. It’s time for a sunny town with plenty of opportunities to have fun. As a result, it’s no wonder you’ve scheduled a private car service from San Diego to Palm Springs.

This charming place is one of the most popular destinations in the country due to its lovely weather and vivid culture. But like with any other tourist hotspot, you want to learn more about the place before your journey.

You’ve come to the right place to do so. This article will be your Palm Springs knowledge hub, revealing the history of this place and how it got its iconic name. Keep reading to learn more!

Why is it called Palm Springs?

Why is it called Palm Springs

Many tourists flock to this area because it’s chock-full of mesmerizing sights and fun activities. You can have the time of your life here, especially if you travel in a high-end limo with countless amenities, such as drinks and flat-screen TVs.

But let’s take a step back. The first thing you want to learn about Palm Springs is where the name came from. Some of the earliest accounts indicate a version of the name was first used in the mid-1800s. Spanish colonists who settled here referred to the city as La Palma de la Mano de Dios, which means The Palm of God’s Hand.

As for the Springs part, the explanation has to do with the topography of the place. Namely, there are countless springs in the area, most of which are hundreds of years old. By combining the Spanish name with the relief, the settlers named the area Palm Springs.

A few other names have been used over the years. Besides Big Palm Springs and Palmetto Springs, the nickname Golf Capital of the World is also prominent due to more than 100 golf courses in the area.

What is the history of Palm Springs area?

Here’s a quick overview of the history of this area:

  • Approx. 2000 BC: Cahilla Indians arrived in the region and lived here isolated from other nations.
  • 1850s: Spanish settlers inhabited the area and established a number of inns and hotels.
  • 1930s: By this time, the region became one of the most famous spa resorts and getaways for the rich. The development of many high-end neighborhoods can be traced back to this period. Some of these include Las Palmas and the Movie Colony.
  • 1950s: WWII halted the sprawl of Palm Springs, but not for long. In the 1950s, renowned architects started working on a variety of commercial and residential buildings. It was at this period that the area became more convenient for average citizens, not just the wealthy.
  • 21st century: From the year 2000 onward, the authorities capitalized on the tourist potential of the city. Countless events and landmarks help attract over 1.3 million visitors every year.

Where can I book a private car service when going from San Diego to Palm Springs?

What is the history of Palm Springs area

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