A Brief History of Private Car Services

When was the word chauffeur first used

Many people rely on a private car service to get from Carlsbad to LAX since it’s easier, much more comfortable, and affordable. Today, we are so used to it that we don’t give it a second thought. However, it wasn’t always standard practice.

Long before the Middle Ages, it was common for wealthy people to have servants in their households. So it was only natural that higher-class individuals had their own chauffeurs. But were they called chauffeurs from the start? What’s the history behind private car services? We’re about to dive in.

The origin of private transportation

Private transportation wasn’t always what we know today. The term and the purpose of it changed over the decades.

  • Until 1789: Carriages
  • Between 1790 and 1855: Place Convertibles
  • In 2009: Passenger cars with driver
  • From 2015: Chauffeur driven transport car

When was the word chauffeur first used?

We all know what a chauffeur is – a person employed as a driver, usually of a luxury vehicle. A limousine if you will. In the late 1800s, chauffeurs worked for wealthy vehicle owners. It soon became a popular profession, since having your personal driver was extremely appealing. As we can see today, the demand for chauffeurs resulted in service companies that provide both private drivers and vehicles.

As for the term chauffeur itself, its origins can be found in the French language. More particularly, the first title for a personal driver was stoker. This originated from the early steam-powered engines that required an operator to stoke the engine. Therefore, the direct translation of the word chauffeur is actually a “heater-upper.”

When did limos become a thing?

If you happen to pass a limo on the road, you can’t help but look at it. Even today, there is a sense of luxury and grandiosity about it. The concept of a limousine goes back to the 1700s. However, they weren’t exactly how we know them today. At first, it referred to a covered horse-drawn carriage, separating the passengers from the chauffeur with a cloak. It’s the forerunner of what we know as a partition today.

When it comes to automobile limousines, they date back to 1902. The aforementioned “partition” resembled a cloak that usually worn by French people in the Limousin region, hence the name. Even though much has changed since that, we’ve kept the concept of separating the passengers part of the limo from the driver. That provides a sense of privacy and luxury that many people are happy to pay for.

Types of car services today

Modern times offer so many options for making your life easier. You can choose the type of private transportation you wish to use that suits your needs the best. Some of the most common are:

  • Corporate car service
  • Private charter bus
  • Private car service
  • Limousine

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When did limos become a thing

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