Top 4 Transportation Options in Santa Monica

Santa Monica is a lovely seaside city and getting around its beautiful sites is not difficult at all. It offers a lot of different types of transportation and you can easily choose the one that best suits your needs. There are also many reliable companies offering an excellent car service that can take you from LAX to Santa Monica and beyond, but if you’d like to explore other options as well, keep reading and discover all the possibilities. 

Is there public transportation in Santa Monica?

Top 4 Transportation Options in Santa Monica

There’s a very well-developed system of public transportation in Santa Monica. There are many ways to move around if you’re not traveling by car. Here are the options:

Metro and bus

Santa Monica’s famous Big Blue Bus as well as Los Angeles County’s Metro can take you anywhere locally and around the entire LA area. Once you get to know the routes and schedules, you’ll be able to roam around without any effort. The information about the routes and schedules is easily accessible on their official websites. 


Train is a popular means of transport around LA. So, if you wish to visit the downtown area of Los Angeles, you can get there by train that leaves from Downtown Santa Monica, only a couple of blocks away from its famous Third Street Promenade. It’s a convenient way to avoid traffic and get to your destination quickly. 


Is there public transportation in Santa Monica?

Another great way to get around the streets of Santa Monica is by bike. If you don’t have your own bike with you, you can rent it at Santa Monica’s bike center where you will also find a bike repair service and other useful information on alternative means of transport. Biking through the city is a wonderful and healthy way to explore it and get to know it better. 

Dockless mobility

Using an electric scooter or bike that doesn’t require a fixed docking station is easy, fast, and cheap. You don’t need to worry about when and where to return it, but you should be careful about the rules and safety. It’s important to respect the speed limits and bear in mind that using an electric scooter is restricted to people above the age of 18. 

Do you need a car in Santa Monica?

With all the available types of transportation and the fact that the weather in Santa Monica is great almost every day, you can easily stay in this lovely city without a car. However, if you’d like to explore the city in depth and reach all of the sights effortlessly and comfortably, nothing beats a comfy ride in a luxury car. Also, if you want to travel outside of Santa Monica or you need to catch your flight at LAX, hiring a private car service to take you to your destination is a must. 

Where can I book a reliable car service to take me from LAX Airport to Santa Monica?

Where can I book a reliable car service to take me from LAX Airport to Santa Monica?

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