What To Do Around LAX?

Are you on a long layover at LAX? Or maybe your flight has been canceled or delayed? Then you’ll need to know what things to do in the vicinity of LAX to pass the time. Luckily, you’ll get to experience some of LA’s most interesting sights because the area around LAX is rich in tourist hotspots.

Hire a dependable car service to LAX Airport and from it, so that you make it to all the attractions you’d like to visit without worrying about missing your flight. Enjoy LA’s rich tourist offer hassle-free and be back to the airport quickly and easily.

What is there to do around LAX

What is there to do around LAX?

Apart from everything you can do at LAX while waiting for a flight, you can get out and about in LA, too.

Here are some things definitely worth seeing:

  1. Abbot Kinney Boulevard

    An authentic LA street full of popular restaurants, cafes and art galleries.

  2. Automobile Driving Museum

    A must-see for car enthusiasts, where you can drive around in vintage vehicles.

  3. Kenneth Hahn State Recreation Area

    One of the biggest strips of parkland in Greater LA, dubbed LA’s Central Park.

  4. Flight Path Learning Center Museum

    Learn more about the history of LAX and aviation in general.

  5. The beaches

    Pick among the many oceanside locations LA offers.

Depending on how long of a layover you have, you might be able to explore the wider LA area or even get from LAX to Pasadena and visit the attractions Pasadena is famous for!

Is there a beach near LAX?

LA is well-known for its endless sandy beaches and its lively beach culture. So, if you’ve got a few hours to spare while in LA, you would want to visit at least one of these gems. There are a few you should consider paying a visit to while at LAX.

Why visit Marina Del Rey?

A stone’s throw from the airport, Marina Del Rey offers beach activities and shopping. What is more, here you can experience a unique atmosphere, with palm and tarot card readers, portrait painters and other kinds of buskers.

Why visit Santa Monica?

Another beach north of the airport where you can bask in the sun and take a soak in the ocean. It offers a wide array of activities to choose from, complete with an amusement park that your kids will love.

Why visit Venice Beach?

Dip your toes in the ocean at this long, white sandy beach. Enjoy the flutter of activity as you pass by street performers, tattoo artists, skateboarders, traders selling souvenirs on colorful stalls and much more.

Why visit Manhattan Beach?

Take a stroll along the spacious Manhattan Beach, stop at one of the trendy eateries, buy gifts at the charming shops or marvel at the sunset at the Pier.

Is there a beach near LAX

How early should you get to LAX?

As a rule of thumb, a passenger should get to LAX at least two hours before departing on a domestic flight and three hours before going on an international flight. Coming a bit earlier than recommended is a good tip to follow if you’re traveling at peak times during the day. Check out Transportation Security Administration for further travel tips, so you fly at maximum convenience.

What is #1 car service to LAX Airport?

Nothing beats having a reliable driver waiting for you in a beautiful car when you land at LAX. You’ll have the perfect opportunity to go around town, check off as many of the items on your LA itinerary as possible and then get back to the airport on time for your flight.

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