John Wayne Airport: All You Need to Know

Getting around the airport can be quite challenging sometimes. All the gates and levels are confusing as it is and if we add all the people wandering around into the equation, your trip can become a source of stress rather than excitement. 

If you don’t have a direct flight, you can save yourself the trouble of trying to catch a cab or an Uber to rush to the second airport by booking an LAX car service to John Wayne Airport in advance.

Additionally, to reduce the level of travel anxiety, you should familiarize yourself with the airports you’re flying into and from before the trip. Here’s everything you need to know about the John Wayne international airport.

Is Santa Ana Airport and John Wayne Airport the same?

Yes, John Wayne Airport is located in Santa Ana and it belongs to Orange County. It was previously known as the Orange County Airport but it was renamed in 1979. It was renamed in honor of one of the greatest movie stars of the Golden Age of Hollywood, John Wayne, who lived in Newport Beach.

What does SNA stand for?

All airports have their International Air Transport Association (IATA) code. The codes were set as location identifiers for the pilots back in the 1930s and the practice has continued ever since. For example, the code for John F. Kennedy Airport in New York is JFK, and for the Newark Airport located in New Jersey, it’s EWR. The Los Angeles International Airport uses the code LAX, while SNA is the code used for John Wayne Airport because it’s located in Santa Ana. 

How is John Wayne Airport structured?

John Wayne Airport is sectioned into three terminals, with the departures and arrivals set on different levels. The Orange County terminals,  A, B, and C, are in the same building and they are all next to each other. Each terminal is served by different airlines. For example, the third terminal is for international departures and arrivals

All terminals have three different levels. Lower levels are usually for arrivals, and that’s where the baggage claim carousels are, while the middle levels serve as the Airline lounges. Departures are set on the upper level. That’s also where ticket counters are located, together with security checkpoints. All three terminals at John Wayne Airport house restaurants, bars, and cafés. Some terminals are also equipped with additional entertainment amenities, such as art exhibitions (Terminal A) and shops.

What terminal is Delta at John Wayne Airport?

Where can I find a reputable LAX car service to John Wayne Airport

Terminal A handles all Delta and American Airlines flights. American Airlines have their lounge on the middle level, however, all lounges are temporarily closed due to the ongoing pandemic. The second terminal is served by United and Alaska terminals, while the third terminal is designated for all international flights, as well as Frontier, Spirit, and Southwest Airlines. 

How many gates does SNA have?

SNA has 6 commuter gates, and additional 20 commercial gates. The commuter gates are labeled 1A, B, C, and 22A, B, C. The gates are set up in such a way that you can access them from all three terminals. 

Where can I find a reputable LAX car service to John Wayne Airport?

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