Fun Things to See & Do in Santa Monica: Part 1

The USA is chock-full of fun places to visit and amazing things to see. You can travel to any corner of this lovely country, and you won’t regret your decision. Santa Monica is one of these must-see locations. 

It has many mesmerizing sights you really need to check out before hiring a car service to take you back from Santa Monica to your Orange County home. This article will describe a few of them – read on!

What is Santa Monica known for? 

It’s easy to see why many Americans want to explore the wonders of Santa Monica. Here are some of the most amazing sights of this coastal city:

  1. Santa Monica State Beach 

Santa Monica State Beach is one of the largest beaches in the nation. You can easily find a secluded spot, even on busy days. The beach is also close to Downtown LA, so you can take a shopping trip whenever you feel like it. But if you don’t feel like leaving, you can spend an entire day bathing, surfing, and enjoying a wide range of activities.

2. Santa Monica Pier 

Santa Monica Pier is another one-of-a-kind location. You can take some of the most amazing pictures here while the Pacific Park Ferris Wheel lights up the sky above the ocean.

There are many things to do at the pier throughout the day. There’s a merry-go-round that’s more than 100 years old and a high-end roller coaster that offers a truly memorable experience.

3. The Georgian Hotel 

If you need second-to-none accommodations in Santa Monica, The Georgian Hotel might be your best choice. It boasts wondrous architecture that evokes nostalgia and takes you on a breathtaking trip through history. Start your night by mixing a drink on the balcony and have a fun adventure.

4. The Camera Obscura 

There are many artworks in Santa Monica. One of the most amazing highlights is The Camera Obscura. Dating back to 1989, it represents the photographic technologies of 19th-century professionals. 

You can visit a quaint room with a wheel and white disk to operate a fixed mirror and project sublime images. The ingenuity behind this place is awe-inspiring. The fact that it’s so close to Hollywood and other iconic locations will take your excitement up a notch. 

5. The Original Muscle Beach 

Santa Monica’s Original Muscle Beach is a great way to see where people worked out in the 20th century before gyms became publicly available. This is where many Hollywood actors and crew trained for free and prepared for some of the most popular movies ever filmed. Over time, the place became a major cultural phenomenon. 

Many celebrities crossed paths at this beach and made a name for themselves. You can’t find the original gym, but stationary equipment (e.g., parallel bars) still allows you to have an intense workout.

6. The Marvin Braude Bike Trail 

The Marvin Braude Bike Trail is also known as The Strand. It’s a 21-mile trail that goes through various neighborhoods and lets you stay in shape. It’s a casual track, enabling you to see other famous landmarks as you ride along. 

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