Non-Emergency Medical Transportation: Everything You Need to Know

Non-emergency medical transportation in San Diego is a service that assists patients whose condition makes it extremely difficult or even prevents them from getting to their medical appointments.

In this article, we’ll talk about what constitutes non-emergency medical transportation. We’ll also explain how this service works, and tell you how to go about finding first-rate non-emergency medical transportation in San Diego. Read on to learn more.

What is considered non-emergency medical transportation?

As its name applies, non-emergency medical transportation deals with patients who are not in a life-threatening condition. The law differentiates between emergency and non-emergency transportation based on a number of factors that include the patient’s needs, type of vehicle, and the need (or lack thereof) for advanced approval.

Non-emergency medical transportation is used when:

  • Patient’s needs are not immediate, such as in case of scheduled medical appointments, chemotherapy, physical therapy, getting prescriptions, dialysis, and so on.
  • Free transportation is unavailable, in which case it’s best to use a specialized medical vehicle (preferably one that offers safe and comfortable wheelchair transportation).

For a company to be able to provide non-emergency medical transportation services in California, it must be authorized to do so by the State Medicaid agency. All trips must be arranged beforehand and include times, dates, and pick-up and drop-off locations.

Who uses non-emergency medical transportation?

Many people who require non-emergency medical transportation struggle with diseases and chronic conditions that make it difficult, risky or even impossible for them to leave their home on their own.

For example, chemotherapy can sap a person’s strength and make getting to San Diego’s Sharp Memorial Hospital exceedingly taxing. Likewise, a patient may be recovering from a difficult operation that requires them to attend months of arduous physical therapy.

Wheelchair-bound or otherwise disabled people may need non-emergency medical transportation in cases where their condition prevents them from being transported in standard vehicles. Furthermore, advanced age may make it challenging for a person to travel on their own.

What to look for in a non-emergency medical transportation service?

As mentioned above, non-emergency medical transportation can be provided by any company that has been authorized by the State Medicaid agency. But how do you choose a competitively-priced non-emergency medical transportation that will give you your money’s worth?

Dependable non-emergency medical transportation service should:

  • Have no hourly minimum ie. not require you to spend a fortune to enjoy quality transportation to a healthcare facility.
  • Have a simple booking system that makes it easy to make transportation arrangements.
  • Provide ongoing communication with your driver to ensure you’re aware of all delays, arrivals, or last-minute changes.
  • Employ professional chauffeurs who have been extensively background-checked to ensure maximum reliability, trustworthiness, and politeness.
  • Supply quality vehicles that are safe, well-kept, comfortable, and in perfect condition.
  • Offer multiple pick-up options such as door-to-door or curbside pick-up and drop-off.
  • Offer special deals such as discounts and custom-made payment deals for returning customers.

Who provides the most reliable non-emergency medical transportation in San Diego?

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