What is Non-Emergency Medical Transport and What are Its Benefits?

Top-notch San Diego non-emergency medical transportation is a service that specializes in helping individuals who suffer from health problems that make it hard or next-to-impossible for them to leave their homes and travel to their medical appointments.

As such, it’s an extremely valuable service that greatly simplifies the lives of people who wrestle with difficult conditions. Before you start typing “medical transportation services near me” into a search engine, there are a few things you should know in order to get the most out of your non-emergency transport service.

After all, knowing whether you need stretcher transportation or comfortable wheelchair transportation will make all the difference when choosing a company that will effortlessly get you to your medical appointment. Keep reading to learn more.

When do I need non-emergency medical transportation in San Diego

When do I need non-emergency medical transportation in San Diego?

Let’s say you, or someone in your care, needs to go to the Sharp Coronado Hospital. This may be for a standard examination, a chemotherapy session, physical therapy, or any other medical appointment. Clearly, since the patient’s life isn’t in immediate danger, they don’t qualify for an ambulance or other form of emergency transportation.

That’s where non-emergency medical transport comes in. If, for whatever reason, a person is unable to travel on their own to their appointment, they can hire a professional non-emergency transportation service that will quickly, comfortably, and safely take them to their destination.

For a patient to need non-emergency transportation, they should:

  • Not be in immediate danger of dying. People who have suffered things such as stroke, heart attack, excessive trauma, and other issues that put their life in danger should be transported via an ambulance.
  • Have no free transportation available. Some individuals don’t have family members or close friends who can drive them, or their medical conditions (such as being wheelchair-bound or paralyzed) may make traveling via car or public transportation unfeasible.

Who can provide non-emergency transportation services?

Only a company that’s been specially authorized by the State Medicaid agency in California can offer non-emergency transportation. What’s more, each trip must be arranged in advance and include times, dates, and drop-off and pick-up locations.

Can a caretaker or other passenger ride with me?

Yes. Companies that provide top-of-the-line non-emergency medical transportation invariably have state-of-the-art online booking systems that allow their clients to customize every detail of their trip. This, of course, includes the number of passengers.

In addition to that, the best online booking forms also include:

  • An option to choose whether you prefer a round trip, one-way trip, or hourly.
  • A possibility to add extra time.
  • The ability to choose the specific occasion, such as whether you need to be picked up from the airport.
  • The option to get an instant price quote.

Furthermore, a reputable non-emergency transportation service will also have a fleet of high-end vehicles that have been outfitted with state-of-the-art features that will make your trip as hassle-free as possible.

Should I tip my non-emergency driver?

Not unless you want to. The individuals who work at non-emergency transportation services are hardworking professionals in the same way that nurses and doctors are, so they expect no tips. Still, if you feel like being generous, they will always appreciate a standard tip.

Can a caretaker or another passenger ride with me

Where can I book reliable medical transportation services near me?

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