A Tourist’s Guide to Anaheim: Part I

So you’ve booked your flight and scheduled a private car service to take you from SNA Airport to Anaheim, CA. Great choice! Anaheim is a gorgeous city in California that has much to offer to tourists and residents alike.

In the following article, we’ll help you make the most of your trip by providing a list of must-see landmarks in Anaheim that every tourist should visit. Keep reading to learn more!

What is Anaheim best known for?

Anaheim is most famous for Disneyland, the theme park that’s delighted millions of kids from all over the world. Ever since its opening nearly 70 years ago, Disneyland has attracted children with its numerous shows, rides, and attractions.

There are 9 themed lands in the park, including Star Wars, Adventureland, and Main Street. Then there are several realms within those lands, such as Sleeping Beauty’s Castle and Space Mountain. Whatever corner you explore first, it’ll only leave you wanting more.

What is in Anaheim besides Disneyland?

Although Disneyland is the main magnet for tourists in Anaheim, there are many other popular landmarks in the area. Whether you want to learn more about the history of the place or simply relish the rich culture of this California gem, you’ll be able to do just that by checking out these attractions:

Anaheim Packing District

Once in Anaheim, you won’t have to go very far to discover its world-famous gourmet’s hall – the Anaheim Packing District. Set in the heart of the town, it features a vast farmer’s market with food that will tickle your taste buds. On top of that, the place is known for its orange grove and stunning outdoor areas.

Flightdeck Flight Simulation Center

If you want to get some blood-pumping action in Anaheim, add the Flightdeck Flight Simulation Center to your must-see list. Step into the facility and soar to the skies on an enormous Boeing 737. You can also control fighter jet simulators and perform dizzying aerial maneuvers to replicate fierce combats.

Outlets at Orange

No trip to Anaheim is complete without a shopping spree. And the best place for your splurge might be Outlets at Orange. Home to more than 120 stores, it offers bargain prices and some of the finest brands. In addition, you can find first-class cafes and restaurants here whenever you want to take a break from all the shopping.

Aquarium of the Pacific

To take a closer look at captivating marine life, be sure to visit the Aquarium of the Pacific. With 11,000+ animals, it’s one of the largest aquariums in the nation. Some of the species you can admire include sea turtles, sea lions, sharks, and stingrays.

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